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Student Affairs Marketing and Communication

The objective of the Office of Student Affairs Marketing and Communication is to collaborate with you to help you raise awareness and interest in your programs and services, as well as increase attendance and participation.  This information sheet is intended to provide a clear understanding about what we can provide, including, our services, distribution options, the request form and consultation process, as well as important vendor information and timelines.  

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Free Advertising Sources On-Campus

Submit a SA Marketing Communication Request Form three weeks in advance. Images can be submitted or the design team will create an image for you. These images are posted for 10 seconds and play in a rotation with other ads across 100+ screens spanning East Carolina University’s Main and West Campuses. Dimensions for the displays are 797px by 496px at 300dpi and can be saved as jpegs.

WZMB 91.3
WZMB, ECU’s student radio station, provides PSAs for student organizations and their free functions and/or events.  Pertinent information should be sent to  The best format to send is flyers (PDFs, or physical copies for DJs to announce live on the air) or specific info via email.  Another option is to go to WZMB and record a spot with the production manager.

If you are charging admission or for products, the PSA is then considered a grant (or “advertisement”) and WZMB would have to charge for the PSA or else is become a FCC compliance issue.

The promotion will begin running as soon as the information is received and/or produced. Productions can be completed, in most cases, within 5 days of receiving theinformation.  Please send information two weeks in advance of the event to give ample time to work on daily duties as well as produce high quality sponsorships.

The East Carolinian (TEC)

Student organizations can submit announcements or events to TEC, ECU’s student newspaper, for inclusion in the Classified section of the paper. TEC’s policy is that they will run ECU-related free announcements for student organizations only twice a semester with 30 word limit.

For email submissions, you can send the events and announcements to If you wish to call your information in, the number is 328-9238.  
Calendar events can be sent to

ECU Closed-Circuit Television Channel
Submit a SA Marketing Communication Request Form if you would like a Public Service Announcement (PSA) scheduled or created to broadcast on channel 31, a closed-curcuit television station only available on the East campus of ECU. Please include all pertinent information.

Hendrix Theatre Movie Ads

Advertisements for upcoming events or programs can be shown prior to the movies in Hendrix through the Student Activities and Organizations office.  Ads should be sent to as landscape PowerPoint slides or 7.5 in. by 10 in. jpegs.

Pirate 411 - Student Announce
This is a non-response listserv where a mass email is sent to all ECU registered students on the 1st and 15th of each month. When the 1st or 15th falls on a non-work day for the university, an email will be sent the following workday.  Information you would like included in this email can be submitted to Erin Respess no later than noon on the day of email distribution. This information needs to be a brief "headline" to hook the viewer to click on the link where they find the detailed information. Please include the URL to the website where that information can be further expanded and viewed so that we can link it to the headline. Attachments are not included in this distribution email. Please note that there are no exceptions to this deadline and that individual emails will not be sent.

Faculty/Staff Announce

For some events, it may make sense to send information to ECU faculty and staff.  Any faculty or staff member can sign up at to be able to send messages.  This website also contains guidelines as to the type of messages that can be sent.

Twitter @InnerPirate
The Inner Pirate was created for Pirates by Pirates. With over 2,000 followers, we can Tweet messages about events, news and information for the students. We will also follow you an Retweet a post from your account to make sure all Pirates are getting the inside scoop on East Carolina University.

Press Releases

Submit a SA Marketing Communication Request Form three weeks prior to an event and they will compose a press release to be distributed to media outlets. Please include thorough information and event details.