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Graphic Design

Our design team has taken on the role and responsibility of maintaining and upholding the visual identity and integrity of the departments within Student Affairs as well as the University through our design services. We strive to establish, build and maintain solid relationships with clients and customers by helping with requests and projects which require the creation and implementation of solutions for their needs. With such a wide and diverse audience, we want to make sure that the university is well represented by it’s visual presence.

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LCD Information
We are happy to create and/or post any LCD images that are related to a date specific event or program, the promotion of a new feature or initiative as well as important information that affects the health, safety and well-being of a student. These images are normally scheduled to play in a rotation for a period of two weeks in order to give student ample time to see and prepare to attend, but if can be flexible. When we are requested to create the LCD image, we ask for an additional three days so we can get it in our design queue, however it could complete the design quicker.

Images are posted for 10 seconds and play in a rotation with other ads across all 100+ screens covering Main and West Campuses. We have the ability to post to select areas only if that is needed. The number of times your image plays is based on the amount of images in the rotation. Your image is estimated to be seen every five to ten minutes.

If you would like to submit your own image for us to post, please make sure to create it within the image requirements.

LCD Design Specifications

The dimension and format requirements for the LCD screens are 797px by 496px. We create our images at 300dpi so they will look crisp on the screens. The files can be saved as a .jpg, .gif, .png. Since the images are scheduled to run for 10 seconds and students are most likely just walking by and do not stop to read the fine print, you will also need to limit the amount of text that’s included on the image.

Submit A Request
To have images displayed on the screens please submit a request for each graphic to be posted and/or created by going to the SA Marketing website and completing a Communication Request Form. There is a section in the form where you can attach your own images or information that needs to be included if you have requested us to do the design.

If you need assistance with creating a graphic, when submitting the request please include all pertinent information in the description detail section: date, time, location, sponsoring organization(s) and a brief description of the event or important information.