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Co-Curricular Collaborations Funding:

The co-curricular collaboration fund was developed within the Division of Student Affairs to provide resources that promote an extension of curriculum taught in the classroom and to enhance the out-of-classroom experiences for students.  Co-Curricular Collaborations enhance student learning and contribute to student success by supporting faculty and staff with creative, curriculum-driven programs, resources, and events that occur outside the classroom. 

To ensure that the co-curricular collaborations fund distribution is effective and inclusive, an Advisory Committee of faculty, staff, and students will review funding requests for all proposals submitted.  The committee will evaluate proposals and make allocation recommendations to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Involvement.


  1. This funding is available for new, innovative, and intellectually creative programs and events.
  2. Funding may be requested by students, faculty or staff members. A letter of support must accompany the request from the Director, Department Head, or Dean of the department making the request. 
  3. If an academic department or program is sponsoring, approving, or endorsing this activity, there must be a signed letter from the unit administrator or program director verifying that the department or program and its faculty have agreed to sponsorship/approval/endorsement of the activity. 
  4. Students will be directly and actively involved as a partner in all phases of the program from inception to post-assessment.
  5. The funds are to support programs, activities, events, or projects that directly support or engage the student population.
  6. Programming should be broad-based and engaging to attract the interest of the larger ECU Community.
  7. Programming must provide opportunities for faculty and students to engage in both formal and informal settings. 
  8. Program proposals must articulate measurable learning outcomes, develop measurement tools to assess student outcomes, and provide information on the distribution, collection, and interpretation of data collected. 


  1. The request must be made by a current Student, Faculty, or Staff member of East Carolina University.
  2. Proof of cost must be attached along with a detailed/itemized accounting of estimated costs on the budget summary sheet of this application. Attach additional pages, as needed. 
  3. If the event is to occur on the campus of East Carolina University, the proposal must have a confirmed room reservation attached to the application. 
  4. All applications should specify other funding sources both internal and external to the University, with amounts granted and specific services or items already funded.
  5. Funding will not be granted in totality for any program or activity.
  6. Requests for funding may be denied if the committee feels that the organization has not allowed enough time to plan the desired event in accordance with the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership and the ‘How to Plan an Event’ resource in the Student Organization Office. 
  7. The sponsoring individual/organization must take responsibility for programming, planning, advertising, and assessment. The individual or recognized organization submitting this application will be held accountable for spending the funds as outlined in the request. 
  8. The sponsoring individual/organization cannot solicit funds from other activity fee sources such as Student Government Association, Student Activities Board, Office of Greek Life, Center for Student Leadership and Engagement, or the Ledonia Wright Cultural Center, etc. 
  9. All marketing materials must be approved in advance by the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership.
  10. The Department of Student Involvement and Leadership will be listed prominently as a sponsor and included in all forms of promotion and advertising including but not limited to print materials, websites, press releases, television, radio, etc. 
  11. A completed program evaluation and final expense report should be submitted no later than three weeks after the completion of the event. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for future funding and/or reimbursement to the Co-Curricular fund.
  12. Programs are to be submitted at a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks prior to the program date.
  13. A risk assessment form must be completed and submitted prior to final approval of funding. 
  14. Incomplete Applications will not be considered. 
  15. Handwritten Applications will not be considered. Proposals must be typed.   

Deadlines for 2013-2014:

Funding is limited for the 2013-2014 academic year. It will be granted on a case-by-case basis. The deadlines for the academic year are as follows: 

  • Monday, September 30, 2013 for Fall  
  • Friday, January 31, 2014 for Spring

Requests may be submitted prior to these deadlines.


Special Consideration Topics:

  • Civil Discourse
  • Sustainability
  • Social Justice
  • Leadership
  • Financial Literacy
  • Realizing Your Own Power
  • Inclusion
  • Social Media
Useful Forms That May Be Downloaded:

If you have questions, contact Krista Wilhelm, Assistant Director for Educational Programming, at or via phone at (252) 328-4713.