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Why Be Involved?

·   Meet new people - Meet people who have the same interests and values as you!

·   Do better in classes - Students who are involved are better able to manage their time and often make better grades!

·   Boost your resume -Gain invaluable leadership experiences!

·   Learn - Apply what you are learning in classes to your out of classroom experiences!

·   Teach - Teach the campus about yourself, about your culture, and about your interests!

·   HAVE MORE FUN!      


Consider this:

·   Consider your experiences - No one will make you be involved. It is up to you to have new experiences and meet new people.

·   Consider your options - Take the time to find out which opportunities are best for you. Your experience will be different than others.

·   Consider your interests - What have you always been active in? What have you never been active in, but always wanted to try? There are opportunities to explore almost anything!

·   Consider your classes - Find ways to be involved that still allow you time to do your class work.

·   Consider your time - It's easy to become over-involved. Find one or two things that you really want to do, and truly commit yourselves to those experiences.

·   Consider your resources - Talk to friends and advisors; use this website; visit our office. Be educated about what is available to you.

·   Consider your self - Be open to new experiences. Go beyond your comfort zone!

Check out what these students had to say about their involvement experiences:




Name: Tamette Farrington
Year: Graduate Student
Organizations: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society, Student Rehabilitation Association, P2P Mentoring

I have benefited from being involved on ECU’s campus in so many ways. Being involved has given me a huge opportunity to be able to network and meet new friends. I have worked with so many different people and personalities young and old.

Being involved has made me feel more apart of ECU and the Greenville community. I have learned more about myself and I have become more mature. While being involved I have also gained professional development, opportunities to serve, a bond with people that will last forever, as well as personal development. While being in the organizations and taking leadership positions it has definitely opened my eyes on what it takes to be a leader and not just any leader but a successful one.

 I strongly encourage other students to get involved. It can not only help you build your resume but you have so much fun, and learn so much for life. One of the many benefits of getting involved at ECU is that if there is no organization that interests you, you can start your own. With the wide variety of organizations that are available it may not even be needed but it is a great option. College is a time to start fresh and new.