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Why Be Involved?

·   Meet new people - Meet people who have the same interests and values as you!

·   Do better in classes - Students who are involved are better able to manage their time and often make better grades!

·   Boost your resume -Gain invaluable leadership experiences!

·   Learn - Apply what you are learning in classes to your out of classroom experiences!

·   Teach - Teach the campus about yourself, about your culture, and about your interests!

·   HAVE MORE FUN!      


Consider this:

·   Consider your experiences - No one will make you be involved. It is up to you to have new experiences and meet new people.

·   Consider your options - Take the time to find out which opportunities are best for you. Your experience will be different than others.

·   Consider your interests - What have you always been active in? What have you never been active in, but always wanted to try? There are opportunities to explore almost anything!

·   Consider your classes - Find ways to be involved that still allow you time to do your class work.

·   Consider your time - It's easy to become over-involved. Find one or two things that you really want to do, and truly commit yourselves to those experiences.

·   Consider your resources - Talk to friends and advisors; use this website; visit our office. Be educated about what is available to you.

·   Consider your self - Be open to new experiences. Go beyond your comfort zone!

Check out what these students had to say about their involvement experiences:




Name: Justin Sharpe
Year: First Year Graduate Student
Organizations: Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, East Carolina University Chapter of HOSA, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, East Carolina Honors College

Being involved in a wide variety of organizations on East Carolina's campus has benefited me in so many ways. From volunteering in the community, gaining professional experience at state conferences, to networking with university officials and other professionals alike. I would not be where I am at today in my academic or professional career had these organizations not provided me with stepping stones.

Joining these organizations have allowed me to grow as a leader, member, and professional. I have learned many key components within these organizations that are critical to survive the college lifestyle: time-management and being organized, learn these early rather than later! Becoming involved with so many organizations has also allowed me to meet so many people, which is a good thing! Sometimes it is not what you know, but who you know.

Without hesitation I encourage every student at East Carolina to become involved within organizations on our campus. It will not only support your resume but will give you numerous skills that you will use throughout your professional career. Treasure leadership, and lead like a pirate! 


Name: Hunter Ingram
Year: Senior
Organizations: Student Activities Board, The East Carolinian

Since my first week of college, one of my main goals has been to be involved as much as I can throughout my time here. I am a firm believer that college is more than class, homework and a social life—its also about setting yourself up for the rest of your life and being involved has definitely helped me do that. 

My dream is to work with film, and through my involvement with SAB and TEC, I have gotten to do that more than I ever thought possible. Just from being a member of these organizations and eventually holding leadership positions within them, I have been given so many opportunities that enriched my college experience in ways that simply being a student could never have done.

I have met some of my best friends through these organizations and we have grown together through the relationships we have built. In an organization, you find so many like-minded people who have the same drive for success that you do, and that is a very rewarding connection to make.

Knowing what I know now, I would tell anyone who asked that being involved in things you are interested in is just important a part of college as class is. It broadens your horizons and really allows you to gain access to knowledge and connections that can help you, both in college and afterwards.


Name: Janice Raines
Year: Junior
Organizations:  Student Activities Board (SAB), Habitat for Humanity 

I love ECU, and I love all of the organizations I am involved with. When I first came to ECU, I was set on only staying here a year then transferring to NC State. One of the biggest reasons I did not leave was because of the wonderful organizations I joined. Being involved on campus really fostered my personal growth and leadership skills. Through my campus organizations, I have discovered more about my self in three years, than I have in my entire life. All of my friends came from being in these organizations, and from meeting and recruiting new people. I believe everyone should have the chance to at least join one organization, and put your whole heart into it. It will of course look great on your resume; but even more enriching are the skills, tools, and discoveries that you can carry over into your personal life and career.


Name: Sam Waddill
Year: Senior
Organizations: Student Activities Board, National Society of Leadership and Success

Being a part of campus organizations has helped me in a variety of ways.  Through these organizations, I have been able to develop a professional work ethic and have learned how to apply my experiences to real-world situations.  In addition, I have been able to refine my time management skills by working as both a student and as a professional on the ECU campus.  Finally, my experiences with these organizations have improved my leadership skills and my ability to communicate in a professional manner.  I look forward to graduating and entering the working world, where I am confident I will find success due to my involvement on campus.