Common Areas of Advising

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Common Issues We Advise On

  • Landlord-tenant and lease issues.
  • Advice on city and county codes (civil and criminal enforcement)
  • Interpretation of contracts and consumer affairs (incl. credit cards and collections).
  • Minor criminal matters (incl. traffic, alcohol, noise ordinance, drugs).
  • Cases in small claims court.
  • Domestic / Family Law.
  • Student group legal issues.
  • Restraining orders (incl. domestic violence and no contact orders)
  • Violence prevention.
  • Crime victims’ rights under North Carolina and Federal law
  • Residency for tuition purposes.
  • Insurance issues (incl. renters, homeowners etc)
  • Immigration.
  • Name changes.
  • Risk management advice.
  • Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Wills.

In cases where we are not able to provide advice because it involves a conflict or it involves a matter we are unable to advise on we can help by offering referrals.

We do NOT provide advice in the following circumstances:

SLS does not provide advice in any matter that is within the purview of the University Attorneys office. Questions concerning University matters MUST be directed to that office.

SLS cannot advise or represent students who have legal questions or concerns with the East Carolina University or any part therein, including the SGA nor do we advise on matters regarding East Carolina Student Code of Conduct

SLS cannot advise or represent students who have legal questions or concerns with fellow students who are eligible for our services, unless each and every student involved in the legal matter in question comes in at the same time for advice and/or counsel. Each student will have to sign a waiver of conflict of interests in order for us to assist in the matter. **This does not include criminal charges where the victim and the defendant are both students (we cannot advise or represent at all in those matters).** NOTE: While we cannot provide advice to one student against another we may be able to provide mediation services in limited circumstances or effect referral to the Mediation Center of Eastern Carolina in criminal matters.