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Student Health Services will be closed Saturday-Monday, September 5-7, for the Labor Day Holiday.  We will reopen at 8am on Tuesday, September 8.

If you need care or advice when SHS is closed, click on the "After Hours Care" tab under "For Students" in the dropdown menu above. 

Have a great holiday weekend and GO PIRATES!!!
Health Issues Class


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Welcome to the Health Issues Class. You have been referred to this presentation because participation in this online instruction is required if you:

a) are getting a Pap smear/pelvic exam/annual exam


b) you desire for a health care provider at ECU Student Health Service to prescribe a hormonal contraceptive method (such as birth control pills, Ortho Evra patch, NuvaRing vaginal ring,Depo-Provera, Nexplanon or hormonal IUD) and you have never used any prescription birth control in the past.

This is a one-time class. You do not have to repeat the presentation every time you have an exam or need a hormonal prescription refill. If you have a current prescription and you just need to have it filled, you can bring it to the ECU Student Health Service Pharmacy.

You must complete the online instruction at least 24 hours before your appointment to allow our system to update your information.

Please allow 10-15 minutes to review the presentation and complete the quiz at the end. When you are done, enter your name, phone, and Banner ID and submit to fulfill this requirement.