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Student Health Services will be closed Saturday-Monday, September 5-7, for the Labor Day Holiday.  We will reopen at 8am on Tuesday, September 8.

If you need care or advice when SHS is closed, click on the "After Hours Care" tab under "For Students" in the dropdown menu above. 

Have a great holiday weekend and GO PIRATES!!!
General Medical

Student Health can help with a variety of general medical issues and needs. 

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Policy change effective May 1, 2015:  read more here.

Student Health Services (SHS) can provide refills for patients taking prescription medications for Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).  SHS does not provide testing for ADD/ADHD. 

Stimulant medications for ADD/ADHD are Class II narcotics and are governed by federal and state laws and regulations.   SHS will refill these medications only if the below requirements are met:

  • Written documentation must include a copy of a formal evaluation or formal diagnosis of ADD/ADHD from a mental health medical provider (e.g. psychologist, psychiatrist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner working in a mental health setting).  Student Health Service (SHS) providers will no longer accept clinical notes alone from a primary care physician, family physician, or pediatrician as an acceptable form of diagnostic documentation. 
  • The patient must also provide documentation showing recent treatment for ADD/ADHD. If the patient has not had treatment within the past five years, they will be required to be formally reevaluated for ADD/ADHD by a mental health provider and present documentation prior to stimulant medication being restarted by SHS.
  • Students will not possess a controlled substance without a legitimate prescription, or give or sell these medications to others.  This is illegal and potentially dangerous.
  • Appointments are required monthly for ADD/ADHD refills.  Patients will not be given refills through our triage service or by phone.
  • By law prescriptions cannot be called to a pharmacy.  Under most circumstances, SHS providers will only write for a 30 day supply with no refills.
  • No renewal of the prescription is allowed earlier than 25 days from the previous prescription date.
  • There will be no replacement for lost, stolen, or damaged prescriptions.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Students who do not keep their follow-up appointments will not be able to receive a renewed prescription until he or she returns for an appointment.  There will be continued monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, side effects, response to therapy, compliance, and illicit drug use.

In accordance with North Carolina general statutes, students filling prescriptions at the pharmacy must provide a government issued ID to receive their medication; it may be in the form of a state issued driver’s license, state issued DMV identification card, or passport.  No exceptions will be made.

Read more about stimulant medications and what SHS requires of students seeking ADD/ADHD prescriptions.