The Student Health Service (SHS) laboratory is accredited with COLA, having received The COLA Laboratory Excellence Award for the past 14 years for having no deficiencies in laboratory inspections.

Lab services are available at both of our SHS locations.

Laboratory services offered:  Our department processes many laboratory requests within our facility. Urinalysis, pregnancy tests, complete blood counts, and many tests are all available with in-house results. Samples for other necessary tests not routinely performed at SHS are collected at our facility and then sent to an outside lab for testing.

Laboratory prices:  Laboratory services are provided at a minimal cost to students. If you have questions concerning prices of services please ask at the time of your visit.  

Be advised, lab charges are subject to change without notice.  Please inquire about lab pricing before having any testing performed.

Results from labs performed within our facility can take as little as 30mins.
Results from labs performed outside of our facility may take several days to 3 weeks to return.  

Many lab results will be sent to the patient directly via secure message in myPIRATEchart after those results are reviewed by a health care provider. Other results may require an appointment. Your provider will inform you of how and when to expect your results.  

SHS has a tracking nurse responsible for follow up of abnormal lab results. Please DO NOT CALL the lab directly as they are not allowed to discuss any results of any kind with a patient. If you do not receive some type of communication from SHS regarding your results, and it has been more than 3 weeks since you had the tests performed, call (252) 328-6841.  

SHS utilizes several means to contact students. Due to confidentiality, privacy and security, as well as recognition that students want results delivered quickly and conveniently, we send many results via our secure message portal inside myPIRATEchart. We also utilize phone calls, regular letters, and certified letters to communicate if needed. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they update their current (local area) address and phone number with each visit to SHS.


As a convenience to our patients, we accept lab orders from outside medical provider offices that have a current LabCorp account*. Please read below for important information regarding this service.

Orders: Patients must provide a written order by fax (252) 328-0462 or by emailing it to prior to an appointment being scheduled. The order may be in the form of a printed LabCorp requisition form, a signed note on prescription paper, or on official letterhead; the SHS Outside Order Lab Form can also be printed off for the ordering provider to complete to ensure all information is obtained. The order must contain the following information to be valid:

  • Ordering providers name, office address, phone number, fax number and 8 digit LabCorp account number
  • Patient’s name and date of birth
  • Test(s) to be performed (include 6 digit LabCorp test number for each test); LOINC numbers cannot be submitted instead of test numbers
  • Diagnosis (ICD-10) code
  • In addition, a copy of the patient's insurance card (front/back) must be submitted

Appointment: Patients must fax or email all required information to SHS before an appointment will be scheduled. SHS will review the information and contact the patient to schedule once all information is verified.

Cost: Outside lab orders are billed and filed to insurance through LabCorp and the ordering provider office. It is the patient’s responsibility to check insurance coverage and benefits before having lab work performed. SHS cannot advise on the cost of lab work ordered by other offices.

Results: Labcorp results are sent automatically to the ordering provider. SHS does not have access to results from outside orders.

Follow-Up: You are responsible for follow-up with the ordering provider’s office regarding the results of your lab work and/or for any medication adjustments that may be needed. SHS will not contact you or your provider’s office regarding the results of outside lab work performed.

*SHS only contracts with LabCorp services; patients needing Quest or other lab companies to perform orders will need to check with their ordering provider regarding locations of those offices.