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Student Health Services will be closed Saturday-Monday, September 5-7, for the Labor Day Holiday.  We will reopen at 8am on Tuesday, September 8.

If you need care or advice when SHS is closed, click on the "After Hours Care" tab under "For Students" in the dropdown menu above. 

Have a great holiday weekend and GO PIRATES!!!
Allergy clinic
Students receiving allergy immunotherapy may continue to receive their injections while at ECU.  Student Health will be glad to store allergy serum in our monitored medication refrigerator and administer allergy shots as a courtesy to students so they may continue their treatment conveniently on campus.  Allergy injections are administered by our Rapid Care nurse on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Important things to know about our allergy injection service:

  • Student Health will not accept allergy serum vials in the mail.  Students must arrange to pick up both their serum and shot instructions from their ordering office or have it mailed directly to them in the residence hall/off campus apartment.  Any allergy serum sent to SHS via mail is returned to the ordering office.
  • Patients are required to wait 30 minutes post injection.  NO exceptions.  Patients who refuse to wait the required time may be discharged from the allergy injection service.
  • Patients who frequently arrive late or miss their schedule appointments may be discharged from the allergy injection service. 
  • SHS does not mix allergy serum nor do we provide allergy testing.  In order to receive allergy injections at SHS, patients must have already started allergy shots and be progressing without significant reactions.  Shot instructions must be brought to SHS and we will follow the buildup schedule ordered by the patient’s home allergy provider.
  • Allergy serum may be signed out over break or holiday periods if a patient would like to resume injections at home while away from ECU.  Patients are responsible for the care and handling of serum if it is checked out of SHS.
  • Our allergy appointments are popular, and we may not be able to accommodate a student at the last minute.  Allergy patients are expected to pre-schedule all of their injection appointments.  On the rare occasion that our allergy nurses are unavailable or appointments have to be bumped, we will make every effort to reschedule the student for a time and day that is most convenient to their schedule.


First time allergy patients:

Please schedule a “new allergy patient” appointment by calling (252) 328-6841 or stopping by our appointment office.  This appointment will last approximately 20-30 minutes as the Rapid Care nurse will review the allergy shot schedule, discuss necessary policies, obtain a written consent giving SHS permission to administer allergy serum, and also find out about the patient’s health history, medications, allergies, and any necessary pre or post injection routines.  First time allergy patients should bring in their serum prior to their initial appointment; it can be dropped off  during our normal business hours.   After this initial appointment, the patient can then schedule all subsequent appointments for future injections; we encourage patients to book in advance to ensure availability of appointments.

Current allergy patients:

Please call (252) 328-6841 or stop in the appointment office at SHS to set up allergy shot appointments.  The Rapid Care nurse will adjust the dosage per the ordering office’s instructions if a patient has missed shots.  Any local or systemic reactions should be reported to the Rapid Care nurse.  SHS will notify the ordering office when vials are near expiration or almost empty but the new vials of serum will need to be picked up by or delivered directly to the patient.  Vials which expire will be destroyed by SHS.