Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Whether you have a new injury or an existing musculoskeletal problem, our sports medicine services can help.  Student Health Service (SHS) can assess, diagnose, and treat many sports related conditions from acute injuries to chronic conditions. 

Not only do many of our providers treat injuries, but the team physician for ECU athletics is also available to see any ECU student, not just varsity athletes.  If you have an injury and need evaluation, please call (252) 328-6841 or visit myPIRATEchart to schedule an appointment.

If your injury or condition requires an x-ray, we can perform it onsite.  Our x-ray department is for use by patients after seeing one of our providers. The department provides radiological service and recommendations for a variety of skeletal problems. SHS uses digital radiology by use of a state of the art Phillips Optimus Diagnostic machine. X-rays are preliminarily read in house by a SHS provider. Final readings are provided by Eastern Radiological services.  

Casting and splints: SHS does not provide hard casting but can provide patients with splints, knee stabilizers, ace bandages, crutches, and hard shoe stabilizers. Referrals are made to Orthopedics East for all hard casting requirements.

Wheelchairs:  Student Health does not rent or loan wheelchairs.