Triage Care

If a patient is unable to wait for the next available appointment, or if an urgent condition warrants needing immediate treatment, Student Health Services (SHS) always offers Triage Care during our operating hours at our Main Campus SHS.

Triage Care is staffed by Registered Nurses and a SHS provider, who will work to evaluate the patient’s condition, severity, and need for treatment.  Triage Care is NOT a walk in service for non acute needs; it is a system to provide quick evaluation for more urgent conditions.

Patients choosing to utilize Triage Care are evaluated based on the nature of their issue, not necessarily the order by which they arrive.  Wait times can vary for Triage Care depending on patient volume, but the staff works as quickly as possible to thoroughly evaluate a patient’s condition. 

Some examples when Triage Care is appropriate
•    lacerations
•    burns
•    acute/disabling injury
•    seizure
•    acute asthma problems
•    difficulty breathing
•    chest pain
•    fever >102 degrees
•    allergic reactions
•    acute mental health issues
•    vomiting
•    assaults
•    acute abdominal pain

Patients seeking prescription refills, routine screening for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing, evaluation for chronic issues or injuries, minor illnesses such as colds, and treatment for other routine non-urgent problems should make an appointment. Students trying to get a note for a missed class should visit our Class Excuses page for information. 

Triage Care nurses will evaluate a patient’s condition and if appropriate, may provide self care instructions or advise the patient to schedule a future appointment for further evaluation of the condition.

Unsure if you need an appointment or Triage Care?  Call us at (252) 328-6841.