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Big Question Lecture Series

The Center for Student Leadership and Engagement’s Big Question Lecture Series offers a platform for dynamic and engaging discussions. This series provides unique opportunities for students, faculty and staff discourse while tackling some of the most intense questions facing leadership and our communities.  See what's happening this semester!

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Career Leadership Conference

The Career Leadership Conference (CLC) is a five-day conference meant to expose current ECU students to opportunities and experiences that can enhance their career development, leadership skills, and engagement within and outside the ECU community. This conference is typically held in the Spring semester.  The conference will consist of an employer panel, breakout workshops, and include a dining etiquette luncheon.  More information, including how to register will be available starting December 2013.

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Chancellor’s Student Leadership Academy

In its second year, the Chancellor’s Student Leadership Academy is a personal and professional leadership development program designed to help students develop valuable skills that will inspire, empower and allow them to influence positive change on campus and throughout the community.  Students with 30 credit hours or more are encouraged to apply to this year-long program.  The Fall semester is spent in workshops being led by some of the most dynamic leadership educators on campus.  Spring semester provides additional opportunities for leadership growth through the development of leadership action plans and a shadowing program. Applications are now open. Apply Here!

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Elite Pirates

The ECU Elite Pirate program is a premiere recognition program designed to honor the top student leaders at East Carolina University while making a positive change in the ECU community. The purpose of this advanced leadership program is to provide students, who have extensive leadership experience, with the tools necessary to recognize how to engage in the leadership process to create positive sustainable change for the ECU community.

The Elite Pirates are  Leadership Ambassadors/Liaisons for Student Affairs and the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement and East Carolina University.  As such, they are charged with representing ECU at Greenville, NC programs and events, working closely with the Greenville City Council.  As seasoned leaders at ECU, these students are well equipped to empower others to engage in the leadership process.  As a result the Elite Pirates are responsible for coordinating the Social Justice Symposium, work with community groups to enhance leadership opportunities throughout the Greenville community etc.  If you would like to request Elite Pirates for your next event, please fill out this form:
Find Out More:

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Food For Thought

A monthly event in which  a woman keynote speaker discusses her accomplishments, obstacles, professional endeavors, and the development of life skills such as balance, ethical decision making, and civic engagement.  Faculty, staff and students are invited and lunch is provided. Food For Thought is scheduled for February 19th at noon in the Croatan Green Room. Register Now!

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Leaders Without Borders

A component of East Carolina University’s mission is to prepare students to compete and succeed in a global economy and multicultural society, by distinguishing ourselves by the ability to train and prepare leaders. A great assist to executing this mission is providing opportunities for students to engage in community service. A hands-on experience enhances students’ ability to learn and gain a greater understanding of the impact of their actions (Astin et al, 2006). Service affords students greater knowledge of personal self, the opportunity to experience the impact of positive change, and the benefits of cooperative learning and engagement.

This experience of service in the community is an intentional step in promoting professional development for student growth, while complimenting students’ on-campus employment experience. Participants gain knowledge of the theoretical component of this program, the Social Change Model, while having the experience to apply their knowledge to the process of creating positive change. Student employee development extends beyond the personal self, but also into creating a supportive work environment. As such, participants learn how the individual affects the group, thereby ultimately having an impact on the community.

Through community service, students are able to identify differences, which enhance their ability to talk across differences, one of the leading indicators of leadership development. This program encourages students to become critical and creative thinkers, understand values based leadership, and to explore how civic engagement can positively contribute to a better work environment. 



LeaderShape© is a six day institute that has a mission of transforming the world by increasing the number of people who lead with integrity and have a healthy disregard for the impossible.  Held each Spring at an off-campus location, 60 students come together to learn about leadership and what it means to contribute to the idea of creating a just, caring and thriving world.  Find Out More!

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Leadership Certificate

The leadership certificate will be a multifaceted interdisciplinary program, including students from multiple majors and disciplines to create a dynamic environment that mimics real world leadership scenarios.  In order to accomplish this, an advisory team of committed faculty and staff must collaborate together to build a curriculum that is truly interdisciplinary.  Ideally the leadership certificate will be used as a mechanism to document student accomplishments in leadership through coursework and co-curricular engagement.  Interested parties in developing this certificate should contact the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement.

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Leadership Extreme

Leadership Extreme is a challenging competency building leadership experience for 25 ECU students. A key goal of this initiative is to enhance the leadership capacity of participants. This program continues and extends your learning and practice of responsible leadership behavior. Leadership Extreme emphasizes the role and relationships of individuals and teams in the leadership process. This program is specially tailored for students who have had extended exposure to leadership learning opportunities and are looking to apply leadership knowledge, skills and values. It is grounded in the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and the Leadership Identity Development Model. It also draws upon, and integrates, Perry’s Cognitive-Structural ethical Development and a Challenge and Support model.

Leadership Extreme will utilize intentionally structured elements to include challenge course/obstacle course, leadership assessments, debriefing/reflections, situation analysis and other elements, thus providing an opportunity for individual and group leadership competencies to be integrated into the knowledge and skills necessary to function successfully within campus organizational and societal settings. This program represents “a moderately to highly intensive leadership challenge” over a 2 day period.

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Leadership Odyssey

The purpose of this program is to introduce students to the “nature” of leadership. Students will gain a broad understanding of leadership, specifically through the lens of the Social Change Model. As students master the fundamentals of the concepts, they will be encouraged to test their own abilities to apply these concepts to their own roles on campus and life experiences.  Students will learn how to be effective student leaders capable of building an inclusive community on an increasingly diverse college campus.

The Leadership Odyssey Program is designed to inspire, teach and engage students in the process of leadership learning. Students will learn leadership theory and come to understand their unique role in leadership on campus, in their academic discipline, and within our larger society.  Students will have an opportunity to develop skills necessary to be effective in the leadership process, and practice these skills within their communities.  The course will be highly interactive with student participation and outside class involvement as critical components to the learning process. 

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Leadership Reading Circles

Leadership Reading Circles are small groups of students, faculty and staff who gather to read and discuss a book that is applicable to leadership development. A staff member facilitates discussion amongst the group based on assigned readings for the session. Typically, the circles meet for 4 times (consecutive weeks) over the course of a semester, and include discussion on issues in leadership, ethics, current events, and other relevant topics. The first 20 students to register receive a free copy of the book. Students will gain skills such as critical thinking, public speaking and reflection.  Spring 2014 Leadership Reading Circles will 3/20, 3/27, 3/3 & 3/10. 

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Leadership Resource Team

The Leadership Resource Team (LRT) is a group of 10 – 25 students that will train student leaders to empower others to engage in the leadership process.  Members of this team will be responsible for facilitating the 60 minute Leadership Workshops (L.E.A.P. Workshops) for classes, organizations etc. They function as leadership peer educators for the CSLE. The Leadership Resource Team also assists in the production of CSLE programs like the Multi-Cultural Leader to Leader Symposium, the Organization Leadership Challenge and coordinating etiquette dinners. The primary purpose of the LRT is to serve student leaders and organizations in whatever capacity they can.

As members of the Leadership Resource Team, students will be expected to develop and enhance their leadership knowledge, skills and values through the various opportunities to serve the office and their fellow students.

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L.E.A.P Workshops

Leadership Experiences to Achieve your Potential.

Through these interactive presentations, students will learn more about their leadership skills and abilities. We offer 50-60-minute sessions for your academic class, student organization, or residence hall meeting, click the link below. Find Out More! 

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Multi-Cultural Leader to Leader Symposium

The Multicultural Leader-to-Leader Symposium provides a unique opportunity for East Carolina University student leaders and organization members to gain valuable and applicable information to foster collaboration, initiative, inclusivity, and efficacy for a diverse array of endeavors.

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Parent’s Council Student Leadership Scholarship

The ECU Parents Council Student Leadership Scholarship is funded by the Parents Council at East Carolina University and is housed within the Division of Student Affairs. The purpose of this award is to recognize and support outstanding student leaders at East Carolina University. The scholarship is awarded annually. The amount of the scholarship varies annually between $1000 and $2000 per student.

As recipients of the ECU Parent’s Council Student Leadership Scholarship, participants will work together to develop a commitment focused on positive social change. These students will serve as ambassadors of the university for the Parent’s Council, attending meetings, functions and programs that support East Carolina University’s Parent’s Council. Applications will be accepted in Spring 2014.

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Pop Into Leadership Movie Series

A Movie Series utilizes cinematic education to create a new experience for students to engage in leadership development. By using popular movies, known to a college audience, this program identifies different leadership competencies displayed through diverse and dynamic movie characters. In continuing to educate students on the concept of leadership identification being more than positional and title driven, students are able to think critically and reflect as to how scripted storytelling has the ability to enhance their leadership knowledge.

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Social Justice Symposium

The Social Justice Symposium, held each November emphasizes the importance, relevance and need for a society that values diversity, inclusiveness, equity and the worth of all humans.  Organized by the Elite Pirates, the Social Justice Symposium is open to anyone who is interested in helping create a more just community at ECU and beyond. 

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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the official voice of the student body at East Carolina University. All undergraduate students are members of the SGA. However, many students do serve as officers within SGA to amplify students’ voices to the administration of the University, to the Board of Trustees, to the city of Greenville, to the North Carolina Legislature and to the US Congress. The student body elects the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary each Spring and senators are elected in the Spring and Fall. The Student Government Association is responsible for programs, legislation, and representation that affect student’s life.

The SGA consists of an appointed executive council, popularly elected Senate and interview selected Judicial Branch. The Senators are elected by their peers from respective colleges and a special group of senators are representatives of major student organizations at East Carolina University. The Judicial Branch consists of four associate Justices, all being led by the Chief Justice. The Student Body President also appoints students to campus-wide commissions and committees to make sure the student voice is heard in our University governance process.

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Walter and Marie Williams Leadership Award Program

Up to 25 students are selected from Eastern North Carolina to receive a scholarship of $1,000 and to participate in a year-long leadership education experience which makes use of experiential education, community service, and leadership practices. Topics of the program include ethics and values, decision-making, and leadership theory. Applications for the 2014-2015 recipients are due March 1, 2014.  Find out More!
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Water Cooler

A passive programming initiative that sparks dialogue about varying questions and subjects.  Each Friday, a new question is posed to the ECU community allowing for students to come by and write their thoughts, feelings, reactions, questions etc.  You can find the water cooler outside the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement:  109 Mendenhall Student Center.  Come see what everyone is talking about around the water cooler this week.

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Why? Film Festival

The Why? Film Festival, held in the Spring semester is a challenge to students.  Utilizing technology, students utilize digital story-telling to answer the question Why?  Boundless creativity erupts as students explore their why across campus and into the community.  Once the videos are collected, The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement hosts a film festival, showcasing the stories captured by fellow students.

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