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ECU Student Media Board Constitution

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the East Carolina University Student Media Board (here and after referred to as the Board).

Article II. Purpose

The Board shall oversee all student-sponsored media platforms at East Carolina University, including but not limited to The East Carolinian, Buccaneer, Rebel, expressions, The Hook, theeastcarolinian.com, WZMB 91.3 FM and the Advertising and Marketing Agency. 

Article III. Services

Section 1. All students who pay an activity fee at East Carolina University shall have primary access to the services of the media platforms under the authority of the Board.

Section 2. All faculty, staff, officers, trustees, and alumni of East Carolina University shall be recognized by the Board as members of the university family to be served by student-sponsored media platforms.

Article IV. Organization

SECTION 1. All student media platforms funded in any way from the student activity fees shall be administered by the Board.

SECTION 2. The governing authority for Student Media at East Carolina University shall be the Board.

A. The following individuals shall serve as members of the board:

  1. President of the Student Government Association
  2. President of the Student Activities Board
  3. President of the Residence Hall Association
  4. President of Graduate Advisory Council
  5. President of the Inter-Fraternity Council
  6. President of the Panhellenic Council
  7. A day student appointed by the Board (defined as a student living off campus and not a member of a fraternity or sorority)
  8. Representative of the Cultural Organization Collaborative
  9. President of the National Panhellenic Council
  10. An administrator appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  11. A faculty member appointed by the Board in consultation with the chairperson of the Faculty Senate
  12. Two Representatives from the School of Communication
  13. Student Media Director (adviser to the Board and ex officio member without a vote)
B. The terms of office of Board members shall be as follows:

  1. Selection of the day student representative shall take place between the second week of March and the last week of April each year, but in any event, no later than October 1. The Board shall determine the exact date. Selection of the member shall be done through application and interviews. In case of a vacancy of the day student representative, the Board shall call for a special selection, which shall be held within 20 days of the vacancy. The student selected for the vacant seat shall serve the remainder of the term.
  2. The remainder of the student Board members shall be ex officio members and shall serve during the term of their respective offices.
  3. The faculty member of the Board shall serve a one-year term from April 1 through March 31. Re-appointment shall be permitted.
  4. The representative from the administration shall serve at the pleasure of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  5. The member or his/her designated representative of that member’s organization shall serve on the Student Media Board during that member’s term. The designated representative shall be identified to the chairperson of the Board no later than the second called meeting of the board during fall semester. The member or his/her designated representative may not attend Board meetings interchangeably. The president of each organization has the option of replacing his/her representative once during his/her term.
C. A student chairperson shall be selected from the Board’s membership by a majority vote of the regular meeting of the Board during fall semester.

D. The Student Media Board Administrative Associate shall perform the secretarial duties of the Board and the Executives when necessary.

E. The Executive Committee shall consist of the appointed Student Executives for Student Media’s divisions, to include Student Executives for News (The East Carolinian, theeastcarolinian.com), Magazines (expressions, Rebel, The Hook), Books (Buccaneer), Broadcasting (WZMB) and Business (Advertising & Marketing Agency). The Executive Committee shall:

  1. Serve as an advisory panel that meets twice a month.
  2. Meetings shall be chaired by the Director and attended by the Board Secretary.  
SECTION 3. The Board shall hold at least one meeting within the first three weeks of each semester. Special meetings shall be called from time to time upon the direction of the chairperson of the Board, or at the request of four or more members of the Board.

A. At the last meeting in the spring, the Board shall establish such policies and conduct such business as is necessary for the maintenance of operations during summer sessions.

B. A quorum shall consist of four students and either the faculty member or the administrator.

C. All decisions shall be reached by a majority vote, with the chairperson voting only in case of a tie or to create a tie.

SECTION 4. The Chairperson of the Board shall be the Executive Officer of the Board.

A. It shall be the duty of the Chairperson to carry out the policy of the Board.

B. The Chairperson, in cooperation with the Director, shall schedule and call all meetings of the Board.

C. The Chairperson and Director shall plan the agenda for each Board meeting.

D. All official acts of the Board, including official correspondence, shall be signed by the Chairperson.

Article V. Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities

SECTION 1. The Board shall authorize the establishment of media that may be funded from student activity fees at the University and shall be responsible for the overall operation of these media.

A, Responsibilities for overall operations of divisions shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Selection and/or dismissal of Student Executives to head up the Student Media divisions (News, Magazines, Broadcasting, Business and Books) Executive titles for the divisional heads include a) Editor-in-Chief of The East Carolinian and theeastcarolinian.com; b) General Manager of The Hook, expressions and Rebel; c) Editor-in-Chief of the Buccaneer; Station Manager of WZMB, and Business Manager of the Advertising & Marketing Agency.   
  2. Approval of budgets and appropriation of funds to the divisions 
  3. Approval of faculty advisers designated by each division

B. The Board shall be informed of all activities such as conferences and workshops conducted by the divisions that are presented at East Carolina University.

SECTION 2. The Board shall establish and enforce policies for the divisions within Student Media at East Carolina University. Editorial policy of an individual medium shall be excluded from Board control. The Board shall uphold and support the First Amendment guarantees granted to the media under their oversight.

SECTION 3. The Board shall require all divisions to maintain operations manuals that set forth the objectives and minimal operating procedures so that the Board may assess whether each medium is maintaining its own standards.

SECTION 4. The Board shall require that all divisions adhere to state and national laws.

SECTION 5. The Board shall be responsible for maintaining free and responsible student media.

SECTION 6. The selection of Student Executives for the four divisions (News, Broadcast, Magazines and Business) shall be carried out as follows: candidates for Student Executive positions shall apply in the Student Media Administrative Office at least one week prior to the date set by the Board for selection. Each candidate shall be a full-time student at East Carolina University and have a cumulative grade-point average of a minimum 2.50 at the time of selection. He/she must maintain a 2.50 average during the time he/she holds office.

SECTION 7. The Board may remove a student from a position named in Section 6 for one or more of the following reasons:

A. Failure to maintain the minimum grade-point average

B. Failure to maintain good standing in the university

C. Failure to maintain standards established in the Student Media Policy Handbook

D. Violation of the Constitution of the Student Media Board, policies of the Board, and policies of the university may lead to dismissal. Dismissal shall require a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Board.

Article VI. Financial Structure

SECTION 1. Sources of funds for the Board shall be the student activity fee, generated advertising income, and all interest earned on these funds.

A, The Board shall receive a proportionate amount each semester and summer session from each student paying an activity fee at the university as authorized by the East Carolina University Board of Trustees. The Student Media Board may recommend to the Chancellor (through the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs) any fee increase request.

B. Interest earned on Board funds shall be the property of the Board.

SECTION 2. All Board funds shall be deposited in the divisional accounts set up with the university.

A. Student Media Board funds shall be restricted for use by the Board in the conduct of its programs and the operation of its divisional media platforms.

B. A purchase order system shall be required for the expenditure of Board funds.

C. The Board shall receive financial reports from individual divisions as desirable but at least annually.

SECTION 3. The divisions shall own, maintain, and operate equipment as necessary for their operations. Equipment shall be inventoried annually by the Student Media Adviser, as required by the University, and the inventory shall be made available to the Board upon request. 

Article VII. Advisers

SECTION 1.The Student Media Director shall serve as adviser to the Board.

SECTION 2. The Student Media Director shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Board, subject to the provisions of the Constitution.

A. He/she shall approve all requisitions for the expenditure of Board funds.

B. He/she shall assist in negotiating all contracts for printing and purchase of equipment and supplies exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) upon receipt of the choices selected by each medium.

Article VIII. Parliamentary Procedure

Robert’s Rules of Order (latest edition) shall constitute the authority for all proceedings of the Board, except in such cases as are covered by the Constitution and the special rules adopted by the Board.

Article IX. Interpretation

SECTION 1. All questions raised concerning interpretation of this Constitution shall be determined by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board.

SECTION 2. During summer session, matters of interpretation shall be settled by a subcommittee of the Board. This committee shall be composed of at least two student members and either the faculty or administrative member. Action taken by the subcommittee shall be subject to approval by the Board at its next meeting.

Article X. Operations Manuals

Operations manuals necessary for the operation of the divisions that do not conflict with this Constitution may be authorized by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board.

Article XI. Amendment Procedures

The Board may enact Constitutional amendments, provided that each amendment has been submitted in writing to the members of the Board at least two weeks prior to the first meeting in which it is to be considered. Amendments must be approved by a three-fourths (3/4) vote at two consecutive meetings of the Board. Final approval must be obtained from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Article XII. Ratification

Ratification of this Constitution shall be by three-fourths (3/4) vote of the total membership of the special Media Board Constitution Committee and approved by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Experiences.

Effective: June 19, 2014