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As a Pirate to Pirate Mentor you will have the opportunity to be a part of a mentoring organization at East Carolina University. You will serve as a guide to a new student and make a positive impact on another pirate's life.

In the fall 2014 semester, we will start things off with a Peer Mentor Training Conference on Saturday, August 23, from 10am-3pm. All mentors will be required to attend. There will also be an Opening Reception on Sunday afternoon, August 24 at 5pm for all mentors and mentees.

All Peer Mentor applicants must participate in a group interview on one of the following dates. Locations will be announced soon for these meetings.
Tuesday, August 19, 3pm-5pm, Mendenhall Room 221
Wednesday, August 20, 10am-12pm, Mendenhall Room 15
Thursday, August 21, 1pm-3pm, Bate 2015

All Peer Mentors must participate in an initial training on one of the following dates, in addition to the conference on August 23. Locations will be announced soon for these meetings.
Wednesday, August 20, 2pm-4pm, Mendenhall Room 15
Thursday, August 21, 3pm-5pm, Bate 1001

Applicants for the Peer Mentor position must submit an application before attending an interview or training session. Mentor applicants may attend a training session before attending an interview, but this does not guarantee acceptance as a mentor.

Click here to apply to be a mentor.

Benefits of Being a Mentor:

  • Earn volunteer service hours
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Strengthen your own character as you serve as a role model
  • Share your knowledge and experiences with someone who can benefit
  • Receive free quality mentor training
  • Become involved in the ECU community

Requirements to be a mentor:

  • Be of sophomore, junior, or senior status (successfully completed at least 30 hours at ECU)
  • Haven taken at least two semesters of facetoface classes at ECU
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Have lived on campus at least one semester

Frequently Asked Questions

How involved is P2P?

P2P is as involved as you would like it to be! Each month, we require that you meet twice with your mentees, attend a team meeting, and participate in a training and reflection session with your team leader. You're free to spend as much time over that with your mentees as you want.

Can I be a mentor if I have never lived on campus?

All mentors must have lived in an ECU residence hall for one semester to be familiar with campus life. Exceptions may be made as needed if any incoming students are participating that are not living in the residence halls.

Am I expected to tutor my mentee and help with their academic performance?

No. We are not a tutoring program. If your mentee would like help with school and you want to help them then that's fine, but you are not obligated to do any tutoring. You're there to guide them to academic resources such as the Pirate Tutoring Center.

What if my mentee has questions I can't answer?

That's okay! Our training program will give you resources and contact information to guide your mentees to the right person, and we have ongoing training to help you develop your skills. Our staff is always available as well for additional help.

Where do I meet my mentee twice a month?

Wherever you want! We are a hands-off program that lets you decide. However, during training we will provide you with ideas and suggestions. You can meet for coffee, lunch, or do an activity such as hanging out together at the pool. We also provide a list of suggested activities for you and your mentee to do. We also host team meetings for mentors and mentees to gather as a group and share ideas.

What is the required mentor training?

Training for new mentors begins with a 2 hour workshop through the Office of Student Transitions. All mentors will also be required to attend the Peer Mentor Training Conference on Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 10am-3pm. You will receive training on leadership skills, how to handle any situations that may arise, and contact information and resources that new students may need. We also offer monthly ongoing training throughout the semester.

Click here to apply to be a mentor.

Pirate to Pirate - Become a Mentor

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