ECU Transit: News & Updates

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News & Updates

February 12, 2016 (Updated): Classes End Early at 3:00pm, Transit Service Schedules Modified

On Friday, February 12, all classes beginning after 3:00pm have been canceled as a precaution due to wintry precipitation and anticipated hazardous road conditions. In response to this cancellation, ECU Transit will continue operating all daytime routes according to their normal schedules until 4:00pm. At that time, all routes will end early and make their final departures from campus with the following exceptions:

  • Routes 301 Gold and 304 Campus Shuttle will continue operating according to their normal schedules.
  • Routes 303 Blue and 305 West End Express will not operate.

All final departures from campus will operate drop-off only and no riders will be picked up for return trips to campus. Additionally, changes in night service will be made in response to anticipated low ridership and hazardous road conditions. The following service schedules will be in effect:

  • SafeRide will begin operating early at 4:00pm to accommodate students, staff, and faculty remaining on campus.
  • Pirate Access will operate according to its normal schedule.
  • Route 850 Pirate Ride will operate according to its normal schedule; all other 800-series Night Combination routes will not operate.
  • 900-series Pirate Express shuttles to the downtown area will operate according to normal schedules.

ECU officials will continue to monitor weather and road conditions. At this time we anticipate operating according to normal schedules on Saturday, February 13.

January 8, 2016: Main Campus Student Center Construction Disruption

As the Spring 2016 semester begins so does the construction project for the new student center and parking deck on main campus. This construction presents a new challenge for our campus: the loss of 400 parking spaces behind Mendenhall Student Center. For many months, ECU Transit has been working with other departments to develop a plan which addresses the loss of these spaces (and the Joyner Library bus loop) while still providing robust, timely service to help students, staff, and faculty get where they need to go.

Transit Solutions

Although the construction project did not call for closing off parking spaces until after exams ended in December, we took a proactive approach by implementing several revisions to our routes ahead of time at the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester. This move helped minimize the number of changes we would later have to make to our system in the middle of an academic year. This next round of changes focused on making campus easy to access for those parking further out.

The following revisions were implemented for the Spring 2016 semester:

  • 301 Gold: routing changes provide two-way access to College Hill, better access to/from Curry Court, and added access to both Minges Park & Ride stops
  • 304 Campus Shuttle: added service to the A1 parking lot at Cotanche Street & 10th Street and the B1 parking lot at Evans Street & 9th Street.
  • 305 West End Express: new route for express service in the afternoon between Mendenhall / West End and both Minges Park & Ride stops.
  • 610 Minges Park & Ride: hub location changed to Christenbury Gym, no longer stops on the side of 10th Street.
  • 850 Pirate Ride: night circulator connecting Mendenhall / West End, College Hill, Curry Court, and both Minges Park & Ride stops.
  • Pirate Access: new ADA-compliant transportation program for riders with permanent or temporary disabilities (certification required).
  • SafeRide: open to all students, staff, and faculty; call for point-to-point service.

Tips for Students, Staff, and Faculty

We understand so many options can be confusing for new riders, so we've put together a short list of the routes most commonly used to get to and around campus.

  • Use route 301 Gold for travel from Mendenhall / West End to College Hill, Carol Belk, and Minges.
  • Use route 302 Red to connect from Mendenhall / West End to the Health Sciences Campus.
  • Use route 304 Campus Shuttle to circulate from Mendenhall / West End around main campus and additional parking located on Cotanche Street and Evans Street.
  • Use route 305 West End Express for express service between Minges parking lots and Mendenhall / West End.
  • Use route 610 Minges Park & Ride for express service between Minges parking lots and Christenbury Gym.
  • Use route 850 Pirate Ride to circulate from Mendenhall / West End through College Hill, Curry Court, Minges, and Christenbury Gym at night.
  • Use Pirate Access if you have a temporary or permanent mobility impairment (certification required).
  • Use SafeRide to move around campus and adjacent areas at night; call to schedule a point-to-point trip as needed.

Common Destinations

From another perspective, many locations are served by multiple routes or services. Here we have outlined all routes and services which stop at our most frequently asked about locations.

As always, if you ever require any assistance getting around campus or need help planning on when to ride, please contact our office at 252-328-4724 and a telecommunicator will be glad to assist you.

January 4, 2016: Spring 2016 Route Info Online

Complete route information for the Spring 2016 semester is now online; a number of important revisions to our service have been made so please take a look at what's new. Also starting up this semester is Pirate Access, a point-to-point service for riders with mobility impairments.

Limited pre-semester service is already underway with full service beginning with the first day of classes on Monday, January 11. A complete list of breaks, holidays, and other service exceptions is available on the service calendar to help you plan ahead.