Just the Facts


Rape is an act of power and control that uses force or the threat of injury to engage another person in intercourse without the individual’s willful consent or where the person is unable to give consent.

Sexual assault occurs when a person is exposed to sexual acts without their consent. Sexual assault is not about sex, it is a way for the offender to gain a sense of power and control. Most offenders use manipulation and coercion in which physical force, a verbal threat, intimidation and/or blaming the victim is used to force sexual acts.

While sexual assault can happen at any age, Freshmen are most vulnerable because they're young, it's their "first time away from home and being on their own," and they're unsure about what's going on.

ANYONE can become a victim of sexual assault regardless of gender, race, age, or economic status. There are many forms of sexual assault. The most common occurs when a person is known to the victim- a friend, co-worker, or  a family member forces unwanted sexual acts. Adolescents and college students are most at risk for attempted rape.

Date Rape can be coerced both physically and emotionally - some emotional tactics include; threats to reputation, name calling, saying you "brought it on" or "really want it", threats to break up and threats to say you "did it" even if you didn't.

  • When someone you know--a date, boyfriend, or casual friend forces you to have sex, its still rape.
  • Date rape is a serious crime. It's a betrayal of trust and can leave long-lasting emotional injuries.
  • Date rape is about power, control, and anger--not romance and passion.