Snark Puppy
Snark Puppy
Family Dinner Vol. 2

 This album is not what you would typically expect from jazz-fusion Grammy award winning band Snarky Puppy. Michael League gets creative with instrumentation and arrangements throughout the whole album. Family Dinner Vol. 2 is an exotic experience that really breaks away from the bands normal approach. Unlike the majority of their albums this one is not instrumental. Each track has a guest singers from entirely different cultures that make each track unique. When listening you will get a little taste of Latin rhythms, African beats, and plenty of funky grooves. There is plenty of diversity to go around and different feels to discover, but to me there are a few songs that sound a little redundant at times. Personally this is not my favorite SP album, but it is most definitely worth checking out. Recommended Tracks: Soro (Afriki), Sing to the Moon, I Remember, Somebody Home.- DJ Chris Puckett   

                                  Kevin Garrett

Kenny Garrett



        Not to be confused with confused artist Kenny G, American jazz saxophonist Kenny Garrett raises the bar on contemporary, as well as traditional jazz on his album “Trilogy” that changes the way we listen to Jazz. At first listen the album immediately pulls you into an intense swirl of emotions. The three artists put together lift one another up and fed each other ideas.This is one of the best trios put together I have ever heard. To me I believe the album is called Trilogy because these three musicians properly demonstrate what a trio is supposed to sound like. Throughout the album time remains constant and relaxed, even on the burning hot tracks like “Delfeayo’s Dilemma” and “Oriental Towaway Zone.” And then there are those smooth swinging tracks like “In Your Own Sweet Way” and “Night and Day.” The entire album is very diverse and energetic. Even a non-jazz listener would be able to distinguish the tracks from one another. For anybody studying jazz I would recommend listening to this album for everything that it is.- DJ Chris Puckett


National Fantasy Review


Bridges & Powerlines

Category: Indie

Don’t overlook this Brooklyn indie band. If you miss indie rock music of the 80s and 90s then you need to listen to Bridges & Powerlines' new album titled National Fantasy. The engineering behind the music is great and you can tell that they put a lot of work into the two years that it took to create the album. Each of the 12 tracks gives a different vibe for whatever mood you’re in. Ultimate fav.. "Inside the Hyperdream". -DJ LYSSDIAMOND

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College Radio Day

                                                                                Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins
The Healing Component
Category: Hip Hop
         The Healing Component is the debut album of up and coming artist, Mick Jenkins. The theme of the album is Love. Listening to this album left me feeling peaceful making it perhaps my favorite album of the year so far. My favorite single off the album is, "Spread Love." This song genuinely makes you feel like Love is the most important thing in the world (as it is).- DJ Puckett

Travis Scott
Travis Scott
Birds In the Trap Sing FADEAWAY
Category: Hip Hop
Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight is a rap album of hits and serenading soliloquies. Travis Scott is known for his brilliant use of auto tune which he implements a lot on this album. He does not disappoint here, this is a great follow up to his debut album, Rodeo. My favorite track on the album is, "Through the Late Night." It's a beautifully produced song featuring Kid McKnight. Everyone who likes Cudi like I do has to give this song a listen.- DJ Cudi

Ladyhawke Review
Wild Things
Category: Pop

 I really enjoyed this album and recommend it to those seeking pop nature with a more electronic vibe. The music sets an inspirational tone while the lyrics are powerful and freeing. It takes me back to my rebellious high school days. Track #4 “Let it Roll” was my favorite, but #2 “The River” was just as upbeat.- DJ Ladyhawke


  Get A Clue

      I vowed to attend more campus events during my senior year. So far, I've only been to a few, but my favorite has been ECUs annual Get A Clue event on the Mall. It's an opportunity for students to learn about how to get involved on campus and in the community. Student and local organizations set up tables and fill up the mall as they engage students with important information about their organization. 
    What I love most about this event is seeing the range of diversity we have at ECU and witnessing the passion among different organizations and students who are looking to get involved. I think this event is particularly important because it allows students to meet new people outside of the classroom, gain professional experience, and ultimately make an impact on out campus. 

DJ Fadeaway Talks His Favorite Events of Fall '16 So Far

o IVibes & Vices showcase

My favorite event that I attended this semester so far would have to be Vibes and Vices. Vibes and Vices is a local artist showcase that highlights rappers, singers, producers, DJ's and more. It is a local event at Laced Boutique on the last Friday of every month, that's put together by local R&B group, Voudoux.

Beach Fest 2016 was a good experience. You have to love events that bring diverse groups of people together. People walking around and enjoying themselves while there's music playing just brings a good vibe. Plus free food always helps. I spent the evening with a good friend and we walked around and participated in everything that caught our eye. I enjoyed myself. 
Be sure to catch Thingking Out Loud w/ DJ Fadeaway every Monday & Friday at 5PM!

The Z Showcase Fall 2016

WZMB 91.3 will be having our first annual Z Showcase on Friday, November 4th in Mendenhall Student Center 244. This event will give a few amazing independent artists an opportunity to showcase their talents to our audience of East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.

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