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Waka Flocka Blazes the Stage at SAB's Winter Concert by Kayla Schmidt

 A hour early, I headed over to Wright Auditorium for the Student Activities Board annual Winter Concert. I could already see hundreds of students in line for the show which featured hip-hop and Billboard Top 100 artist Waka Flocka and DJ Whoo Kidd.

As the students and public piled in, you could tell they were anticipating Flocka as they entered. The crowds rushed in dancing and singing, they were greeted by DJ Born Finesser, who played hits like Lock Jaw, the famous how bah dah remixes, Drake, and many other similar hip-hop artists that Waka has previously worked with which got the audience pumped and turnt up for his arrival. During the pre-performance, I took notice of all of the different types of fashion that both women and men wore to the concert, since our generation thinks we know everything, it must be high fashion right?.

For the females I saw a lot of over the knee velvet tie back boots, camo long jackets, full jean jumpsuits, see through shirts with a variety of lace bralets underneath and lots of chokers and hoops. For men the style was more simple with your classic jerseys, snap backs, jean jackets, and leather.

On another note, there was some small technical difficulties at the beginning of the show, however, at about 7:40 the concert began. Waka stormed on to the stage and once it started, it really started.

He began performing with his classics, 15th and the 1st, It’s A Party, and No Hands. I admired how this artist didn’t really have so much of a game plan, no back up dancers, and no exciting effects just kind of doing his own thing but still managed to keep the crowd pumped and engaged. At one point he even jumped into the audience and went around the whole perimeter of the auditorium to greet, perform, and take pictures with his fans.

He didn’t fail to mention (without names at the concert) his feud with a long time friend Gucci Mane before rapping his newly released single “Was My Dog.” Flocka also brought up, with out naming any one specific, how we as America should come together as a whole. All in all Waka knew how to turn up like a pirate.

Rae Sremmurd Sets the Tone for HomECUming 2016
by Kayla B

If you were to ask me to describe the Rae Sremmurd concert in one word, I would choose: electrifying. Before Jacquees, the concert's special guest or Rae Sremmurd hit the stage, DJ Born Finesser, ECUs favorite, had Minges Coliseum hype.

When Jacquees was prepared to take the stage, lights dimmed exciting the crowd who cheered loudly. During his 20 minute set, Jacquees performed crowd favorites such as "B.E.D.," "Come Thru," and his "Persian Rugs" remix. If his vocals weren't impressive enough for you, his choreography surely had to be. Equipped with two backup dancers throughout his set, the trio glided effortlessly across the stage earning shrieks of excitement from the women in the audience.

At the conclusion of Jacquee's performance, the crowd patiently waited for the headliners to hit the stage. At one point, a restless crowd began to chant "Rae Sremmurd! Rae Sremmurd!" repeatedly. Excitement continually built as the groups personal DJ took the stage offering momentary relief to a restless hyped crowd. Backstage, Rae Sremmurd's entourage began to fill the space, posting up as close as possible to the stage. Following their appearance sudden preparations began to be made. A case of water bottles and fresh pineapples were being laid on table nearby. Shortly after, Rae Sremmurd were making their entrance.

Full of excitement and enthusiasm, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi were met with uproar and loud cheers. Everyone sang along as the two brothers took the time to talk to us, deliver a political message, and party with their posse on the same stage. Some of the highlights of the performance include the duo grabbing water bottles from backstage and emptying them into the crowd. An even cooler moment was the pineapples that were smashed on stage by the crew during the set. Aside from Rae Sremmurd performing hits such as, "No Flex Zone," "Throw Sum Mo," and "Black Beatles" my personal favorite moment of the show goes to Slim Jxmmi's strutting of his iconic punk Gucci fur.

Overall, the show was fantastic. It was a night filled with high-octane energy from start to finish. I even had the opportunity to take a group photo with Rae Sremmurd after the show. What an awesome start to homecoming weekend. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.


Kehlani Brings Her Unique R&B Sound to ECU by Shayna Jones

20-year-old R&B Singer, Kehlani, put on a show Thursday in East Carolina University's Wright Auditorium for their annual Winter Concert. Former ECU student, DJ Born Finesser, set the energy of the evening as he played all of the latest hits with his opening set. Following his mix, ECU's acapella group, Signature Sounds, graced the stage and illuminated the room with their vocal performance. 

Soon after, Kehlani's representatives came out to gift members of the crowd with free copies of her music and t-shirts. The singer's DJ, Noodles, got the audience on their feet and prepped everyone for the headlining event. Her mix included Fetty Wap and other hot Hip Hop artists. The moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived. With dim lights, Kehlani's voice projected before she appeared on stage causing the audience to scream. Once she entered center stage, many people rushed to the front to get a closer view. 

The singer performed songs from her debut mixtape, Cloud 19, which was listed as one Complex Magazine's 50 Best Albums of 2014. She also performed some of her most recent work, singles You Should Be Here  and The Way featuring Chance The Rapper was perhaps the fan favorite of the night. Kehlani gave and amazing live performance. Despite performing several songs back to back, each vocal note was on pitch and each dance move was on perfect cue. The down to earth R&B sensation took moments throughout the night to give advice like the act of paying it forward. She also gave encouraging words, including her talk break where she explained her trials within the music industry and encouraged the crowd to never give up.

"I'm going to keep this R&B [explicit] alive!" Kehlani exclaimed.  She is currently nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album.