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African American Male Mentoring Program


One of the greatest challenges facing college administrators, educators and staff today is the recruitment, retention and success of Africanaammp American males in higher education.

African American Male Mentoring Program (AAMMP)
Connecting African American Male Students, Faculty and Staff through Enrichment, Participation, and Support

Be a Difference Maker
The difference between understanding success and being successful is your participation in success building process.
Build Strong Faculty/Staff Relationships.
Utilize Campus and Community Resources
Share Ideas for Informed Decisions
Interact with Scholars, Leaders, and Mentors
Be a part of the African American Male Mentoring Program.  Be the Difference Maker

Greg Hedgepeth: 252.737.1973

Brandon Thompson: 252.328.2668





All participates interested in becoming a Peer-Mentor for the African American Male Mentoring Program are required to attend training sessions.

Thank you

Use the Online Registration form to Sign-Up for the African American Male Mentoring Program. Also if you are interested in the COAD 1000 Special Interest Section for African American Male Success please sign-up below for more information. 

COAD Special Interest Section
African American Males and the African American Male Mentoring Program(AAMMP)
Sign Up. Receive college course credit. Connect to the AAMMP.
Pick up a special interest card from the LWCC or speak with your advisor about registering for this class.



coadis a one-hour credit freshman seminar course that is typically offered in the fall semester.  The course is designed as an extended orientation course to help the student develop a sense of belonging, gain academic skills, learn life skills, and explore career and major options.  This fall 2013 several special interest sections are being offered including African American Male Success.   If you are interested in one of these specific sections please talk with your advisor.