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The Robert Wright Society Distinguished Leader Award


The RWS Leadership award recognizes a community leader who strives to build and maintain positive relationships throughout the community, and demonstrates leadership through motivating and inspiring others to accomplish a specific goal or objective. The honoree should be someone who is making a significant impact in the community and is engaged in social or governmental issues of their community/region/state.

The person receiving this award must:
  1. Must have served in SGA at East Carolina University.

  2. Consistently acts with integrity, as seen through honesty, trustworthiness and open communication.

  3. Improves or creates value as a participant in the community through action, participation, and dedication to a purpose.

  4. Empowers others to achieve through example, deed or provision.

  5. Aligns themselves with the mission and purpose of RWS through demonstrating active membership in RWS and university organizations as well as commitment to student leadership East Carolina University.

If you would like to nominate a past SGA member at East Carolina please submit a one page summary detailing their qualifications in accordance with the criteria listed above to by April 15, 2009.