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Interpreting/Transliterating Policies and Procedures


Ethical Conduct

All interpreters are expected to adhere to the guidelines found in the RID Code of Professional Conduct. The highest ethical conduct is expected at all times.

Certification and Licensure

DSS pays interpreters according to their certification from RID/NAD. Certified interpreters must provide DSS with a copy of their current certification card. DSS also requests that all interpreters provide a copy of their current licensure information from the NC Interpreter and Transliterator Licensing Board (NCITLB). It is the interpreter’s responsibility to provide this information annually upon certification/licensure renewal.


Interpreters are expected to prepare for assignments as part of their professional responsibility. Upon request, books and materials may be made available. We generally are able to obtain a copy of the textbook for a course from the Student Book Store. It is expected that all materials loaned to interpreters will be returned in excellent condition and in a timely manner. Do not mark or write in the books as they can not be returned if they are damaged. If you need something copied, please let us know.

No Shows and Assignment Cancellations

Interpreters will wait 15 minutes for every hour of a class up to a 45 minute maximum. (example: If a class is 1 hour, the interpreter will wait for 15 minutes. If the class is three hours, then the interpreter will wait 45 minutes.) However, if the student calls and says they will be late, the interpreter must wait for them. If a student does not show up, the interpreter is expected to call the Assistant Director to see if they are needed elsewhere.

Assignments That Last Longer Than Scheduled

If it appears that an assignment will last longer than scheduled and the interpreter’s schedule can accommodate the additional time, interpreters must notify DSS within 48 hours so that the additional time can be verified for payment of invoices.

Team Interpreting

Team interpreters are used for assignments 1.5 hours or longer, in situations when an interpreter works for 2 or more consecutive one-hour assignments, or as deemed necessary by the working conditions.

Specific Interpreter Requests

While DSS will consider individual preferences in the assignment of interpreters, it reserves the right to make all interpreter assignments. These assignments are in DSS’s sole discretion and may be based upon many factors which may include, but may not be limited to, availability, certification, qualification and the appropriateness of the request based on actual or perceived conflicts of interest.


Interpreters will need to have a parking permit for campus that is obtained at the ECU Parking & Transportation office. The names of interpreters that are working each semester will be provided to the Parking office for verification.

Information for Invoices

In order to ensure timely payment for services, it is requested that invoices be submitted by the 10th day of the following month (example: August invoices should be submitted by September 10th). If an interpreter has provided services outside of the classroom it is requested that these each be put on a separate invoice according to type (example: Medical appointments at BSOM, Graduation ceremonies, etc...).

The following information needs to be included on all invoices that are submitted to DSS:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Social Security/Tax ID number
  • Certification/License number
  • Invoice number
  • Purchase Order number
  • Date
  • Information for the assignment
    • Date of assignment
    • Class name and course number
    • Name or initials of student
    • Contact hours
    • Billed hours
    • Mileage and mileage rate
    • Pay rate
    • Total for mileage
    • Total for interpreting
    • Grand total