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Wright Auditorium


Rental Information

Use Policy 

Base Rental Rates are $1,500.00 per day, effective July 1, 2012
 (Additional equipment can be rented for an additional charge)  

All rentals end at midnight, $100.00 per hour after 12:00am.
Billed in full hour blocks at 15 minutes past each hour.

Non-Regulated Charges

Description of Service


Housekeeping ($19.00 per hour/performance with 12 hour minimum)                           
  1 male/1 female on duty during event, plus before and after cleanup.
Piano tuner, onsite during event $60.00
Security ($35.00 per hour/per officer)                                                      
  (number of officers assigned based on event)
Technical Crew ($10.00 per hour per person)
Minimum of 2 per event/sound and lights
Ushers  ($300.00 per performance)
  (minimum of 8, provided by Wright Auditorium)
Stage crew (load in/load out) $10.00 per hour/per person 

Equipment Rates
(Availability subject to change)

Base rental fees include the use of Wright Auditorium standard lighting and sound equipment. But does not include labor for setup of equipment.

Nonstandard Equipment Rates (Availability subject to change)

# Available
Followspot $25.00/show


Plus Operators
Grand Piano $150.00/day


Includes Tuning
Upright Piano $75.00/day


Includes Tuning
Dance Floor $250.00/day


Subject to approval
Video Projector System $125.00/day


Subject to approval
Slide Projector System $50.00


Subject to approval
Wireless Mics $50.00


Handheld and Lav's available
Bandshell $50.00



Load In/Load Out Must Be Supervised


Liability Insurance Policy

$3,000,000.00 Minimum
ECU must be listed as co-insured and we must have copy of policy at least five (5) days before the event.

Merchandise Sale Commission

20% of all sales (tapes. records, t-shirts, etc.)
25% if we provide a seller
Payable at end of event
5% additional if Wright Auditorium supplies sales person.

For availability and current rental information please contact
Central Reservations at 252-328-4731
Monday - Friday between 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.