Division of Academic and Student Affairs
Wright Auditorium


Operation and Use Policies

Policies governing the operation and use of Wright Auditorium are necessary to ensure that the building and its furnishings are maintained at the optimum level of usability, safety, cleanliness, and efficiency for the entire university community's full enjoyment of the facilities provided. They are not intended to limit or hinder the full utilization of the auditorium. The following policies are established for these purposes.


Wright Auditorium is state owned, and those utilizing the facilities are subject to laws and regulations of North Carolina, governing state-owned buildings.


Wright Auditorium may be reserved through the Central Reservations Office (252-328-4731) in Mendenhall Student Center between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Whenever the auditorium is in use for a program by anyone, a house manager and ushers employed by the Department of Student Involvement & Leadership will be on duty during the entire performance. The cost of this service will be borne by the user. With prior approval from the Event Planning Office, the sponsoring organization may provide ushers who will work under the direction and supervision of the Associate Director of Operations employed by the Student Involvement & Leadership for its programs.


The Student Involvement & Leadership's Associate Director of Operations will determine the needs for each program and provide a staff of trained technicians, who will be paid by the sponsoring organization. Only those authorized technicians and program advisers will be permitted in the control rooms.


If the grand piano is to be used, it must be reserved at least twenty-one days prior to the event. The Production Coordinator will check the piano before and after each use. Any damage occurring to the piano through misuse will become the responsibility of the user.


Damages to the property, equipment, or furnishings in Wright Auditorium during the time a group has the auditorium reserved will make the user group financially liable for the cost of replacement or repairs.


Wright Auditorium furnishings and equipment are not to be removed from the building.


Equipment and materials brought onto the premises by an organization or group shall be removed by the organization or group by 12:00 noon on the day following the event unless prior arrangements have been made with the Event Planning Office.


Each person shall respect the rights of all other person using the auditorium.  No person shall interfere with the legitimate activities of any other person.


The sidewalks, lobby, and aisles shall not be obstructed.


Children accompanied by an adult may attend events in the auditorium as long as their behavior does not interfere with the programs.


Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on the premises.


Alcoholic beverages, including beer, are not to be brought onto or consumed on the premises. An exception to this policy may be made for receptions when approved by the Executive Director for the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership.


Illegal substances (drugs, narcotics, etc.) are not to be brought onto or consumed on the premises.


Smoking in all areas of the building is prohibited.


Refreshments and food are not permitted in the lobby, auditorium, or on stage. Receptions in the lobby may be permitted when approved by the Event Planning Office.


No person shall affix anything to the walls, floor, orchestra shell, or ceiling by any means without permission.


Painting of scenery or equipment as well as nailing objects to any surface or attaching anything to curtains or painted surfaces of the auditorium is prohibited.


The sale of souvenirs and other related items is restricted to the lobby area and is subject to university sales and solicitation policies.


No pets or animals of any kind will be allowed at any time in the building. Seeing-eye dogs are exempt from this rule.


Fire extinguishers and fire hoses placed in designated cabinets in the auditorium are not to be removed except to use for their intended purpose.


Bicycles and motorcycles are not permitted in the building.


Any explosive materials or firearms of any nature are strictly prohibited on the premises. This policy does not apply to law enforcement or security officers.


When the auditorium is not in use for an authorized program, it will be kept locked.