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Policy Changes

University Student and Employee Computer Use Policy

The university has developed policies to guide the use of computing at campus facilities or through the university computing system. The University Student and Employee Computer Use Policy may be found online at
Other policies and information about computing may be found at There is a link to the Student and Employee Computer Use Policy through this site.

The university encourages students to make full use of the computing environment for educational, instructional, or research purposes and permits limited personal use that does not overload the system, violate copyright laws or violate applicable local, state, or federal laws, or university policies and procedures. The university strictly prohibits spamming and the use of computers for personal gain. The intentional misuse of computing, networking, or information resources may result in a loss of computing privileges and sanctions under the student conduct code. Questions about the policy may be directed to the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Division of Student Life. Please refer to the above web sites for additional information.