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Student Newspaper Readership Program


Readership Testimonies

“This is a great program that should continue. I am surprised that all faculty do not take advantage of it.”

“Students may hem and haw at the beginning of the semester, but by semester’s end they actually thank me for getting them involved. Opening their awareness to the world around them and engaging them in critical thinking of the global events we explore creates more socially conscious citizens of the world.”

“The program is vital to continuing how I construct my course. Since I focus on global issues, The New York Times is an invaluable resource to keep students engaged in a global dialogue and critical discourse.”

“The need to actually open a paper and look for articles allows students to apply and develop critical thinking and awareness. They are exposed to other information at the same time. This is different from just going to a website and finding the specific topic you’re looking for. Newspapers broaden thinking.”

“I think students benefit from being asked to look at sources of information they might not otherwise be exposed to. It encourages them to see that what I’m talking about in the classroom is also newsworthy in the “real world”. It encourages them to think critically about sources of information that they use and be more selective about what sources to believe.”

“I am a freshman at ECU and I love the free newspapers! I live in Umstead and I pick up a free Daily Reflector a few days a week; The New York Times, however, has had by far the most impact on me. I stop to pick one up every morning and read it front to back between classes throughout the day. I think the Times is an amazing paper, and being able to pick one up at no cost is really improving my college experience. JI just wanted to say thanks to whoever is responsible to putting the world in my hands every morning!”