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How to Ride with ECU Transit

Sometimes the process of learning to use a transit system like ours can be a bit daunting. Our system is oriented around the university, with the vast majority of our ridership being students going to or from class. Start by familiarizing yourself with our routes (see link to left); this will help you get acquainted not only with our system, but different areas of town as well. Some people prefer a more adventurous approach and will get on a bus just to see where it goes. Either way, you're sure to see something new.

Below are several of our tips for getting around and rider policies designed with everyone's safety in mind.

Waiting for the bus...

  • Arrive at your stop a few minutes early to allow for traffic conditions.
  • Stay clear of moving buses.
  • Please do not stand on the edge of the curb while waiting for the bus.
  • For safety reasons, once the bus has left the curb, the driver will not open the door.
  • During peak times, the bus may get full. When the bus is full and there are no passengers wanting to get off at the next stop, the bus will not stop for waiting passengers.

Boarding the bus…

  • Board the front door and exit the back door. Please board and be seated quickly to avoid delays.
  • In peak times, fill back seating first all the way to the front, then standing room from the back to the front.
  • In peak times, try to make as much standing room as possible so that the bus can carry as many passengers as possible.
  • No one is permitted to ride in the front of the bus in front of the yellow line. Once the bus is full, the driver will ask anyone in front of the yellow line to step off the bus.

While onboard the bus…

  • The bus stops at designated stops only. Please do not ask the driver to stop at a location which is not a designated stop.
  • If a wheelchair passenger uses the bus, passengers seated in the wheelchair seats must relinquish their seats so that the wheelchair passenger may safely ride in the wheelchair station.
  • Please keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times.
  • Do not smoke, eat, or drink.
  • Place all trash in the wastebasket near the door.
  • Please keep headset volumes low and cell phone conversations to a minimum to avoid distracting the driver and other passengers.

To exit the bus…

  • Pull the stop request cord or press the stop request bar just prior to the stop in which you exit the bus. The driver will not stop if there are not visible passengers at a bus stop and there is no request to exit the bus.
  • Exit using the rear door. Please exit quickly to avoid delays.

Pirate Express

ECU Transit operates a late night service called Pirate Express to serve students in several large apartment communities. Some specific rules apply to this service; you can download a copy here (PDF). For more detailed service information, please check the 900-series route schedules (901, 903, etc.).

The following are strictly prohibited on Pirate Express:

  • Open or closed containers of alcohol
  • Weapons of any nature
  • Fighting
  • Smoking
  • Passengers in the driver area
  • Backpacks or large carry-on items
  • Horseplay
  • Distracting the driver
  • Feet in passenger seating
  • Hanging or flipping from grab straps
If you or anyone riding with you becomes ill during the bus ride, please inform the driver immediately. Anyone who vomits on board will be subjected to a $50.00 cleanup fee. Non-payment may result in your records being tagged, which will prevent you from registering for classes.