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Spread the Peak!

As we begin this new semester, ECU Transit would like to take this opportunity to urge you to help "spread the peak" where possible. Our transit system is already experiencing extremely high ridership around peak class times.  

Thousands of students with similar class schedules can sometimes overwhelm the system at peak times. Unfortunately, this can mean students get left behind. The situation does tend to improve soon after the beginning of the semester, but in the meantime there's something you can do to help…

Spread the peak! Catch an earlier bus to avoid getting left in the last minute rush. Our data on passenger activity clearly indicates the trips just before and after a peak class time typically run with far fewer people onboard. By riding a few minutes earlier, you can help alleviate overcrowding while making sure you get to class with time to spare. Riders should consider boarding the buses 45-50 minutes ahead of morning class times.

Questions or comments? Give us a call at 252-328-4724 or e-mail us at