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Additional Requirements based on Entry Status

In conjunction with the general admission policy, additional requirements based on entry status will apply. The entry status of an incoming student is defined below:

Freshman. (Newly admitted students with 6 or fewer transferred semester hour credits) Entering freshmen declaring Construction Management as a major are accepted directly into the lower division.

Transfer students.
(Newly admitted students with more than 6 student hour credits from another institution) Entering students declaring Construction Management as a major are accepted directly into the lower division.

Technical degree transfer students. (Students with an earned associate of applied science degree (AAS) in an approved technical field) Students may be admitted directly to the upper division upon completion of MATH 1065 and PHYS 1250, 125 (or equivalent).

ECU transfer students. (Students changing from another ECU major or from the General College) Term of entry into the program is limited to summer sessions or fall semesters. Change of major must be initiated in January. Admittance consideration will begin the first week of February for the following summer sessions and fall semester. Students must complete MATH 1065, MIS 2223 or ITEC 2000, and PHYS 1250, 1251 and have at minimum overall grade point average of 2.3 before a change of major to construction management is allowed. Students will remain in the General College until successful lower division admission has been granted.

Second degree students. (Students with an earned bachelor level degree in another major discipline.) A letter requesting program admittance and resume must be received by the construction management department to be considered for program admission.Candidates are required to have completed PHYS 1250/51 and MATH 1074 or equivalent approved courses. Students will be required to work through the CMGT sequencing of classes.

Exceptions to the Construction Management departmental admission and continuation policy require documented justification and approval by the department chairperson.