Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

For additional information please contact:
     Dr. Barbara Muller-Borer
     Phone: (252-) 737-1034

MSBMEButton Graduate School Applicants Only

Program Description

Two-year program with thesis.

  • 14 semester hours in the Department of Engineering
  • 6 semester hours thesis credit
  • Additional courses selected from the Departments of Physiology, Pharmacology, Kinesiology, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Biostatistics.
  • Core Curriculum

    Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Research
    Life Science


    • Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement
    • Biomedical Signal Processing
    • Cardiac Electrophysiology
    • Cardiovascular Biomechanics
    • Biomaterials in Medicine
    • Biomolecular Engineering
    • Introduction to Tissue Engineering
    • Selected Topics in Biomedical Engineering


    Suggested areas of focused study:

    • Cardiovascular Biomedical Engineering (Cardiovascular Biomechanics, Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, Biomedical Instrumentation or Biomedical Signal Processing)
    • Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering (Introduction to Tissue Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering, Biomaterials, Biomedical Instrumentation)
    • Biosensors and Biosignals (Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomedical Signal Processing, Cardiovascular Electrophysiology)