Alumni Highlight

Erin Green Erin Green, Alumni highlight

Erin Green, 2013 alumni, is on the path to a very successful career. This is what she had to say about her current position and her MS-ST program experiences:

“I have just completed my first six months working as an associate at McCabe World Travel in McLean, Virginia, just out of the Washington DC metro area. We are a full service travel agency that specializes in both international and domestic travel. As a member of t he Virtuoso luxury travel consortium, we have preferred relationships with hotels, tour operators, and cruise lines around the world and are able to offer exclusive benefits and amenities, as well as unique travel experiences to our clients. It has been both interesting and exciting to see that sustainability takes an important role in much of the luxury hotel market. Nearly every representative for the various hotels or tour operators that come to speak to us mentions the efforts their property makes in sourcing locally, whether it be food, decor for the hotel, or hiring local community members, and the environmental initiatives their property features. The travel industry clearly understands the importance of sustainability in tourism and I am very pleased to be starting out at a time when an issue so important to me is in focus. My degree in Sustainable Tourism brings me to the table with a very unique perspective which has already provided me with exciting opportunities in my role at McCabe and I look forward to seeing how it will open more doors in the future!“


Will the MS-ST be offered online or through distance education?

At this point in time we will not be offering this degree program online or through distance learning. Students admitted to our graduate program must be able to attend their courses in person. Consideration for online options is being made for the future.

Is the GRE required?

Yes, the general GRE test is required of all applicants regardless of previous undergraduate or graduate degrees. We do not require any GRE subject tests. MAT scores are not accepted.

Can I attend this graduate program part-time?

Yes, you may attend part-time. Please keep in mind that your time-to-degree will be extended and that we expect that students in our program will finish their degree in a timely manner.

Can international students apply for MS-ST program?

Yes, we accept applications from international students. Please visit the ECU Graduate Catalogue website for information on additional requirements for international students.

Do I have to have a tourism degree/background to be accepted to the program?

No, you are not required to have an undergraduate degree in tourism or to have worked in the tourism industry to be accepted into the program. However, your statement of purpose will be carefully considered as part of the application process. Due to the specialized nature of the program, it is important that your professional and/or academic goals are closely related to the field of sustainable tourism.

Is there funding and/or scholarships available for the program?

Yes, please click here.

Sustainable Tourism | Program FAQs

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