• Community Sense of Place Community Sense of Place Tourism Impacts and Second Home Development: A Sustainable Approach
  • Climate, Weather, and Tourism Climate, Weather, and Tourism Tourism destinations and their individual tourism businesses are all vying for tourists at their respective locations.
  • Engagement and Community Engagement and Community In partnership with the Office of Engagement, Innovation, and Economic Development.
  • Rural Tourism Rural Tourism Sustaining rural America is one of today's pressing issues.
  • RESET RESET Race, Ethnicity, and Social Equity in Tourism
  • US Travel Care Code US Travel Care Code The United States Travel Care Code has been developed and is managed by the Center for Sustainable Tourism.
  • RETI RETI The Renewable Energy in Tourism Initiative
  • Tourism and Entrepreneurship Tourism and Entrepreneurship Developing the local tourism industry as part of an economic development strategy.

Research Activities

Grants Submitted

  • Assessing the Capacity for Climate Adaptation in North Carolina: The Role of Sustainable Tourism (2/1/2014 – 1/31/2016). $98,576. North Carolina Sea Grant. Hao, H., Long, P. and Covi, M. (Under Review).
  • Varying Interpretations of What is “Sustainable”, “Certified”, and “Local” Seafood, and Consumer Expectations of Seafood Labeled and Marketed in those Way. (2014-2016). Van Hold, T and Oliver, J. NC Sea Grant Program $67,762. (Under review).
  • Sea Level Rise and Flooding Impacts on Coastal Wastewater Management (2014-2016). Bean, E., Naar, A., Humphrey, C., O’Driscoll, M., Mitra, S. and Loomis, D. NC Sea Grant Program $100,000. (Pre-proposal accepted, grant not submitted).
  • Development of Tourism Trails to Benefit Rural Coastal Economic Development and Preserve Natural Resources and Cultural Heritag. (2014-2016). Long, P., Amspacher, K., Vogelsong, H. and Bin, P. NC Sea Grant Program $99,600. (Under review).


  • E-Metrics: Assessing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Indicators to Energize Regional Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development.(2013-2016). $850,000. National Science Foundation. Kline, C. Hao, H., Alderman, D., Paynter, S. & Flowers, K. (under review).
  • Respiratory Health Impacts and Mitigation of Residential Indoor Air Pollution among the Coharie Tribal Communities in North Carolina (2013). Balany, J., Kearney, G., Hao, H. and Chen, R. United States Environmental Protection Agency. $919,863. (Under review).
  • E-Metrics: Assessing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Indicators to Energize Regional Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development.(2013). Kline, C., Hao, H., & Alderman, D. National Science Foundation Interdisciplinary Behavioral & Social Science IBSS. $904,894. (Under review).
  • Building Critical Mass and Enhancing Livestock Producer Profitability within the NC Local Meat Industry: NC Farmers Raising Meat (NC FaRMs. (2013). Kline, C. & Kariko, D., NC Tobacco Trust Fund. $95,103. (Under review).

  • Greenbrier Valley Farmers Raising Meat Sustainably (2013). Contract for agritourism development in West Virginia. Natural Capital Investment Fund. $11,000. (Funded).
  • Greening Vacation Rentals, without Greening Groundwater.(2013). $30,000. Grant Program Title: FY 2013 Source Reduction Assistance Grant Program. Bean, E., Humphries, C. and Naar, A. (Proposal developed).
  • Dare County Comprehensive System-wide Recreation and Park Plan and Site Specific Master Plan (2012-2013). Dare County Government. $39,988 (Funded).


  • Planning for Beaufort, NC Ferry Service to Cape Lookout National Seashore: The Impact of Weather on Tourist Decision Makin. (2012). $20,000. Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments Minigrant Program 2012-2013. Curtis, S., Hao, H. and Long, P. (Not funded).
  • Examining tourist demand for alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) and destination adoption of AFV services such as charging stations, bio-fuels, and special parking (2012). $45,500. Mazda Foundation. Jason Oliver (PI) and Alex Naar. (Not funded).
  • Greening Coastal Vacation Rental Properties (2012). $30,000. Targeted program: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Source Reduction Assistance Program. Abdel-Salam, T., Long, P. and Naar, A. (Funded).
  • Second Home Development in At-Risk Yet Desirable Mountain Counties: A Sustainable Approach (2012). North Carolina Appalachian Regional Commission Grants Program. Hao, H., Long, P. and Naar, A. (Not funded)
  • Assessing Consumer Sentiment Toward Sustainability Initiatives in the Tourism Industry Based on Unsolicited Word-of-Mouth Communication Posted Online(2012). Targeted Program: UNLV Caesars Hospitality Research Center Grant. Oliver, Tuten, Robinson and Long. (Not funded).
  • Ecotourism/Nature-Based Developmen.(2012). Skyco, Inc.McKinnon, H. & Long, P. (Not funded).


  • Assessing the Impact of Wildfires and Controlled Burns on Coastal Tourism in theSoutheast United States (2011). Edwards. (Not Funded).

  • GIS Nature Tourism Asset Mapping Initiative Naar, A and Hao, H. 2011 Estuary Education and Awareness Campaign, Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Program. $15,807. (Not funded).

  • Get Up and Running: Coastal North Carolina Tourism Business Disaster Recovery Toolkit (2011). State Farm Insurance ($120,795). Naar, A., Edwards, B. and Long, P. (Not funded).
  • Green Property Program for Coastal Vacation Rentals.(2011). Environmental Protection Agency, Source Reduction Assistance Program. $51,745. Long, P., Naar, A. and McKinnon. (Not funded).
  • Green Property Program for Coastal Vacation Rentals (2011). FY 2012 Wells Fargo National Environmental Grant Program. $69,887. Abdel-Salam, T., Naar, A. and Long, P. (Not funded)
  • Reducing Energy Usage and GHG Emissions of Tourism Businesses in Coastal Environment>. (2011). Pre-proposal to NC Sea Grant. $99,435. Long, P., Naar, A., Abdel-Salam, T. and Rhodes, T. (Not funded).


  • SEED — Sustainable Economic and Ecological Development.(2010). Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education and European Commission’s Directorate for Education and Culture (FIPSE). Led by ECU’s Office of International Affairs, College of Business, and Engineering Program. $180,000. (Not funded).
  • Innovative Approaches to Sustainable Tourism in North Carolina’s Roanoke River Region: Linking Communities, Tourism and Conservation (2010). With Mid-East Region Conservation and Development Council, Inc., David Hodges, Director and Paige P. Schneider-ECU. $88,200. (Funded).
  • Toolbox for Crisis Communications: Checklists and Best Practice>. A Review and Analysis of Literature and Existing Plans on Crisis Communication. (2010). Long, P., Hao, H. and Kain, D. Prepared for The United Nations World Tourism Organization. $3,000. (Funded).
  • Employers' and Managers' Perception of Drilled Oil Risks for Coastal North Carolina's Tourism-Impacted Businesses and Organizations.(2010). Hao, Knollenberg, Smith, Kain, Powers, Wilson and Long. North Carolina Sea Grant. $4,930.(Funded).
  • Exploratory Research on the SAVE Tourism Market in Coastal and Maritime North Carolina.(2010). Kline, C. & Landry, C. Coastal-Maritime Council Interdisciplinary Seed-Grant. $10,000. (Funded).
  • Graduate Research Assistant Funding.>Supplemental grant received for graduate student support. ;$25,000. (Funded).


  • Tourism impacts and second home development in coastal counties: A sustainable approach> (2009). Long, P., Hao. H., Kleckley, J. Pre-proposal, North Carolina Sea Grant. $70,000. (Funded).
  • North Carolina paddle trails: A tourism resource> (2009). Schneider, P., Vogelsong, H., & Long, P. Pre-proposal, North Carolina Sea Grant. $70,000. (Funded).
  • Qualitative study of wine tourism and consumers' concerns regarding wine region environmental sustainability> (2009). Barber, N., Taylor, D. C., & Deale, C. Harrah Hospitality Research Center Grant Award Program. $51,000. (Not Funded).
  • Development and integration of a sustainability curriculum in undergraduate hospitality education> (2009). Roseman, M., & Deale, C. Higher Education Challenge Grant, USDA. $146,000. (Not Funded).
  • Renewable Energy in Tourism Initiativ>. (2009). Long, P., Morris, J. T., & Kleckley, J. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, University Center Economic Development Program Competition. $600,000.

Sustainable Tourism | Research Act | Grants Submitted

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