Do you love sports and attending sporting events? Do you want a degree where you can foster your love of sports into a lifelong career in the sports field?

East Carolina University's BS in sports studies program allows you to study sports in nearly every aspect you can think of, from science to sociology to management. This degree helps you learn how you can integrate all the different ways that sport interacts with our culture and begin to put those principles into practice. The degree offers you a broad view of sports and their connection to our society. The breadth of experience you can gain in the field is outstanding and this degree program will allow you to understand sports from many different angles, giving you the choice as to how you will put that into practice in the real world.

The BS in sports studies is a degree where you have the ability to shape it in many different ways in order to meet your personal career goals. The program has a required minor, giving you the option to choose one that will further strengthen your skills as you go out into the working world in your chosen field.

ECU Advantage

The program at East Carolina University is unique in its ability to give you the choice about the path you want to take. Along with choosing a minor that helps further prepare you for your career aspirations, the BS in sports studies also requires a full-semester internship in your chosen field. So not only do we prepare you with the classroom knowledge of concepts and principles, but we set you in a position to put those principles into actual practice in the working environment. Our students have enjoyed success in many different areas of sport, including professional sport management, collegiate athletic administration, sport psychology, physical therapy, personal training, and strength and conditioning. The ECU sports studies program gives you the opportunity to pursue the career in sports that you really want and provides you the chance to choose the best path that will get you there.

What You Will Study

Program Coordinator: Amy Rundio (151 Minges Coliseum; 252-737-2395; rundioa14@ecu.edu)

The program provides the competencies and knowledge for students to pursue a variety of sport-related careers. A minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA and 32 s.h. of general education coursework are required for admission to the program. A minimum grade of C- (1.7) is needed in all required KINE courses for successful completion of the degree. The degree requires the student to declare an approved minor.

Minimum degree requirement is 121 s.h. as follows:

1. General education requirements including those listed below - 40 s.h.

(For information about courses that carry general education credit see General Education Program.)

  • COMM 2020 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication or
  • COMM 2410 - Public Speaking

  • MATH 1065 - College Algebra or
  • MATH 1066 - Applied Mathematics for Decision Making

  • PHIL 1110 - Introduction to Philosophy or
  • PHIL 1175 - Introduction to Ethics or
  • PHIL 1176 - Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy or
  • PHIL 1180 - Introduction to Critical Reasoning or
  • PHIL 2274 - Business Ethics
  • space
  • PHYS 1250 - General Physics I
  • PHYS 1251 - General Physics Laboratory I
  • PSYC 1000 - Introductory Psychology
  • RCLS 2601 - Leisure in Society
2. Core - 44 s.h.
  • KINE 2000 - Introductory Exercise and Sport Science
  • KINE 2202 - Motor Learning and Performance
  • KINE 2850 - Structural Kinesiology
  • KINE 3301 - Physical Education and Sport in Modern Society
  • KINE 3400 - Sport Event Management
  • KINE 3600 - Coaching Theories
  • KINE 3805 - Physiology of Exercise
  • KINE 3850 - Introduction to Biomechanics
  • KINE 4300 - Program Development and Management in Physical Education and Sports
  • KINE 4301 - Comparative Sport and Physical Education: International Aspects
  • KINE 4333 - Sport and Fitness Marketing
  • space
  • KINE 4700 - Internship in Sports Studies
  • or
  • KINE 4710 - Field Experience in Sports Studies I and
  • KINE 4720 - Field Experience in Sports Studies II
  • space
  • KINE 4701 - Pre-internship Seminar for Sports Studies
3. Cognates - 14 s.h.
  • BIOL 1050 - General Biology
  • BIOL 1051 - General Biology Laboratory
  • or
  • BIOL 1150 - Principles of Biology: A Human Approach
  • BIOL 1151 - Principles of Biology: A Human Approach Discussion
  • space
  • BIOL 2130 - Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy

  • BITE 2112 - Introduction to Information Processing Technology or
  • KINE 2050 - Computer Applications in Exercise and Sport Science or
  • KINE 4003 - Special Topics in Exercise and Sport Science or
  • MIS 2223 - Introduction to Computers
  • space
  • COMM 3520 - Sports Media Survey or
  • KINE 4003
4. Approved minor - 18 s.h.
    5. General electives to complete requirements for graduation.
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      Careers With This Degree

      Graduates with this degree are successful in many fields and careers, including the following:

      • Health and Physical Education/Fitness
      • Recreation Workers
      • Health and Physical Education/Fitness

      Career Opportunities

      ECU has developed resources to help you learn more about career opportunities and job market outlook. In addition, the websites below provide specific information on careers in the various majors from which students may choose:

      NC Tower

      This website provides graphs and tables of in-depth information on employment rates, wages and ongoing higher education enrollment of graduates from the North Carolina Community College System and from the University of North Carolina system schools. NC Tower includes data on former UNC students who are working in roughly 90% of all jobs in North Carolina. This database excludes information for graduates who are:

      • Self-employed;
      • Work for the federal government, including the military: or
      • Work outside of North Carolina.

      US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

      This website also provides in-depth information regarding pay, projected new jobs, required education, growth rate and on-the-job training information on various occupations.

      Degree-specific internships

      For information on internship information for specific majors, go to the home page of the department in which the major is located and, as available, find the link to the information on internships in that major.

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