Do you seek unique paths? Are you looking for a degree that you can tailor to meet your specific academic and career goals? Have you debated or wandered between different traditional majors but cannot pick just one (or more)?

The bachelor science in university studies provides students a program to design their own degree plan and obtain faculty assistance and approval for their nontraditional approach. Students work with university studies program advisors and in the introductory class to design a specific, individualized course of study around a focused theme, which is otherwise not available in traditional university majors, related to their career goals. The university studies program cannot be used to bypass requirements of an existing program or otherwise replicate an existing major. The program director and the university studies Faculty Oversight Committee (FOC) must approve each student's degree plan and proposal to ensure academic rigor and help the student select courses that best meet their academic and career goals.

This program is perfect for students with a higher number of completed credit hours, transfer students, "part-way home" students (adult learners who left college without a degree), and military personnel, veterans, and their family members who need a degree that can be tailored to their desires but accepting of accumulated credit hours.

ECU Advantage

ECU's approach through the bachelor of science degree in university studies allows the individual student to attain full academic potential and clarify and achieve educational goals. It supports the university’s commitment to access by removing barriers to university completion for many students and the commitment to success by providing students with rich opportunities for meeting individual career and/or academic interests.

Additionally, the major's design allows students who have completed a high number of credit hours to fashion a program to complete a meaningful degree that, in most instances, can utilize previously completed course work.

What You Will Study

Director/Program Coordinator: Amy Shannon (2025 Bate Building; 252-737-5062; shannona@ecu.edu)

The bachelor of science in university studies is a university-wide degree program designed for students who seek a course of study that is personally interesting and professionally relevant outside of the traditional majors path to successful degree completion.  Students pursuing the degree are required to identify a career objective and design a specific degree plan of integrative coursework around a thematic core.  The University Studies Faculty Oversight Committee (FOC) is composed of faculty representatives from each of the colleges throughout the university. The committee provides final approval of each student's course of study and thematic core and serves as a resource to students.

To declare a major in university studies, students must have completed 75 s.h. with a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA. A minimum 2.0 GPA must be maintained for coursework taken in the required core and in the thematic core courses. A minimum of 30 s.h. of coursework in the thematic core and free electives must be at or above the 3000-level of courses.

University Studies students are not eligible to pursue double majors or dual baccalaureate degrees.

Minimum degree requirement is 120 s.h. of credit as follows:

1. General education requirements - 40 s.h.

(For information about courses that carry general education credit see General Education Program.)

    2. BSUS core - 13 s.h.
    • LDSP 1000 - Introduction to Leadership Studies
    • LDSP 4000 - Leadership Studies Capstone Seminar
    • UNIV 2000 - Introduction to University Studies
    • UNIV 4990 - University Studies Practicum
    • and
    3. Thematic core - 48 s.h.
      4. Electives to complete requirements for graduation - 19 s.h.
        For more information about this degree visit the university's academic catalogs.

        Careers With This Degree

        Graduates with this degree are successful in many fields and careers, including the following:

        • General Studies
        • Postsecondary Teachers
        • General Studies

        Career Opportunities

        ECU has developed resources to help you learn more about career opportunities and job market outlook. In addition, the websites below provide specific information on careers in the various majors from which students may choose:

        NC Tower

        This website provides graphs and tables of in-depth information on employment rates, wages and ongoing higher education enrollment of graduates from the North Carolina Community College System and from the University of North Carolina system schools. NC Tower includes data on former UNC students who are working in roughly 90% of all jobs in North Carolina. This database excludes information for graduates who are:

        • Self-employed;
        • Work for the federal government, including the military: or
        • Work outside of North Carolina.

        US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

        This website also provides in-depth information regarding pay, projected new jobs, required education, growth rate and on-the-job training information on various occupations.

        Degree-specific internships

        For information on internship information for specific majors, go to the home page of the department in which the major is located and, as available, find the link to the information on internships in that major.