For News Media

ECU News Services' health sciences campus office represents the Division of Health Sciences at East Carolina University, including the Brody School of Medicine, College of Allied Health Sciences, College of Nursing, and the School of Dental Medicine.

The office creates and distributes news releases and news publications about these institutions, coordinates relationships with the news media, supports internal communication and provides other communication services to clients within and beyond the university.

News releases

We distribute most of our news releases via e-mail. We keep a database of media contacts to whom we regularly send news releases. If you would like to be included in our database, please send us an e-mail or call us at 252-744-2482 or 252-744-3764. This service is provided only to professional members of the news media and freelance writers, so please indicate your occupation and with whom you are affiliated.

Source contacts and news escorts

We encourage reporters to contact our office when they are interested in identifying a source for a story. In most cases, we can save you time by quickly identifying the best source and facilitating contact.

Due to heightened concerns about protecting patients’ privacy, broadcast reporters and photographers visiting the medical campus must have an escort from our office or someone designated by our office as a primary contact. Please call our office if you plan to visit the campus; otherwise, you may not be admitted to the facilities.

We frequently arrange for patients to participate in interviews and be photographed. However, patients must agree to the interview/photograph and must sign a formal consent provided by the medical center. Please help us protect our patients’ privacy by not interviewing them or photographing them until we obtain a written consent.