East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute

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Welcome to the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute (ECDOI) at East Carolina University. The ECDOI is an interdisciplinary research institute jointly supported by the Divisions of Health Sciences and Research & Graduate Studies.

The ECDOI is well known for cutting-edge collaborative research in several fields related to disorders of metabolism, including bariatric surgery, muscle insulin signaling/glucose transport, bioenergetics/exercise physiology, and pediatric healthy weight programs.

The mission of the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute is to develop, promote, facilitate, and support interdisciplinary basic and clinical research in disorders of metabolism including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer.

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Creative Activity Award
Christopher Geyer, received ECU's Five-Year Research and Creative Activity award (February 2018)
This award is presented to faculty members whose work over the past five years has made an impact on their field of study. Geyer's research focuses on mammalian spermatogenesis - the production of mature sperm in mammals. His lab, which he started at ECU in 2010, is interested in uncovering the basic mechanisms that regulate the production of sperm that are essential for male fertility. He also uses spermatogenesis as a tractable model system to study stem cell dynamics.
Darrell Neufer
STATINS IN FOCUS (August 2017)
Dr. Neufer was awarded an R01 in the amount of $1,753,867.00 over a 4 year period from the NIDDK looking at the "Impact of organic cations on mitochondrial energetic driving forces and metabolic efficiency". Understanding and manipulating the functions of mitochondria may advance our techniques in treating type II diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
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Chris Geyer
Chris Geyer is the winner of the Society for the Study of Reproduction New Investigator Award 2017.
This award recognizes an active Regular Member of the Society for outstanding research completed and published within 12 years after receiving the Ph.D. or other equivalent professional degree. The Awards Committee considers the originality of the research, the significance and impact of the research in reproductive sciences or allied fields, and the degree to which the nominee's research was independent of that of a mentor. The recipient of the Award will have the honor of presenting his/her research during the Society for the Study of Reproduction Annual Meeting and at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility.

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The ECDOI is comprised of more than 40 faculty members from 17 different departments on both the main and health sciences campus. The Institute is closely aligned with the East Carolina Heart Institute (ECHI) and offers ECDOI- and/or ECHI- affiliated faculty several research support programs, access to core equipment, and opportunities to forge new collaborations through a number of interactive research forums.

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Read more about the ECDOI and all about the research happening at the ECDOI. You can also find out more about how Diabetes and Obesity impacts NC.

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