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Diabetes and Obesity Research

5-2-2014_DiabetesLabJC-110[3]Diabetes and Obesity are national epidemics directly affecting eastern North Carolina. Prevalence of these metabolic disorders are increasing at an alarming rate leading to significant elevation of morbidity and mortality. Due to these factors, the economic impact from this epidemic is substantial and will effect North Carolina for years to come.

The problem is multigenerational and involves complex biological, psychological and societal factors. Here at the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute we have taken a multifaceted approach that includes deciphering the underlying biology of the disease process coupled with the development of longitudinal, multilevel interventional approaches that are targeted to all stages of life. An integrative, interdisciplinary philosophy is a key to our success.

The mission of the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute is to facilitate collaborative interdisciplinary basic and clinical research, to provide undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education and training, and to serve the people of eastern North Carolina through outreach education of prevention and treatment programs in metabolic disorders.

If you want more information about the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute, or would like to donate money to help support our efforts, please contact us.