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Annual Fund Giving

Transformational opportunity - Naming the College of Business – A naming opportunity, or tribute, is a time-honored way to support the College of Business and recognize the donor or someone special. The College of Business is offering a once-in-a-lifetime naming opportunity for permanent recognition. Goal: $10 Million.


1. Student & Faculty Support

Recruitment Scholarships - The College of Business is now a 4 year college that admits students straight from high school. This gives us the ability to recruit the best graduates into our programs. These top students are being recruited by other universities. If we want to attract them to our campus, and to thereby raise the competitive level of our college, we need to be able to offer competitive scholarships. A few top students in a class can dramatically change the dynamics and enhance the education of all. Goal: 40 endowments at $75,000, or annually funded at $3,000 per scholarship.

Living Learning Community – In Fall 2012, the first Business Living Learning Community was established with 48 freshmen business students taking residence in Cotton Hall. These students took at least 2 courses together in the fall and spring semesters, shared leadership development experiences and supported each other as they adjusted to campus life. The College supported a number of bonding, development, and leadership events over the year. Due to the success of the program and its popularity among freshmen, we will expand the living learning group to at least 75 for fall 2012. This program will increase student graduation rates. Goal: Endowment of $200,000 or annually funded at $7,500 per year. Impact of over 75 students per year.

Student Study Abroad - In the age of globalization, an intimate understanding of another culture is both a valuable academic asset and an enriching personal experience. East Carolina University strongly believes in the development of an international perspective among its students and faculty. You can help cost share for student participation in semester-long international study. Many of our students have not been able to travel abroad before this. The cost of the summer program runs about $5,000 per student, and this cost makes it impossible for most. We need a pool of funds that can be used to lower the student cost to allow more to participate. Goal: Endowment of $500,000 or annually funded at $20,000 per year. Impact of 20 students per year.

Student Local Travel Fund – An increasing number of faculty are opting to take students on trips to enrich their learning experience. Examples include senior marketing students traveling to Atlanta and insurance students traveling to Charlotte and Ashville for competitions. The experiential part of class is what impacts the students the most and we need to encourage these kinds of activities. Goal: Endowment of $250,000 or annually funded at $10,000 per year. Impact of over 150 students per year.

Commemorative Coin – Starting in 2011 the College of Business gave each graduating senior a commemorative coin with the university crest on one side and the College's logo on the other. These cost about $5 each. We have not been able to pay for the display box that goes with the coin at a cost of about $6 each. Students who have received the coins are very proud of them and likely will display them on their desk indefinitely. We view this as a way to constantly remind our alumni of their attachment to the college. Goal: Endowment of $200,000 or annually funded at $7,500 per year. Impact of over 600 students per year.

Distinguished University Professorships - Faculty are the single most important element in providing students with an exceptional learning experience and enhancing our reputation for teaching and scholarship. Create a new faculty position to attract prominent teacher-scholars and support their teaching and research. Goal: Endowment of $336,000 and up.

Faculty Fellowships - Help the College of Business retain top junior faculty – tomorrow’s leaders – by providing them with salary supplements as well as teaching and research support, bridging the compensation gap until they achieve tenure. Goal: Endowment of $125,000 or annually funded at $5,000 per year.  


2. Curriculum Support

Leadership & Professional Development Program – The College of Business has developed a series of courses in professional development and leadership that is required of all undergraduate students. These courses will teach students what it means to be a professional and a leader and how to act and interact in business and social settings. The courses will be heavily infused with outside speakers and facilitators from the local, regional, and national business communities. It is unique and effective at developing future business students who are ready to assume positions of leadership. The cost of the first year has already been underwritten by a donor. We seek to cover the cost of the balance of the program as a demonstration to students of how important leadership development is to the business community courses. Individual courses could be named as an alternative to naming the program. Goal: Endowment of $2.5 million - or annually funded at $100,000 per year. Impact of over 750 students per year.

Small Business Certificate (naming opportunity) – In Spring 2013 the college initiated a new program designed to provide a business background for non-business majors who are interested in converting their passions into successful enterprises. Majors in art, design, dance, computer science and many others take a four course program that leads them through the basics of recognizing and evaluating business opportunities, marketing, accounting, finance, and the preparation of a business plan. This program will significantly increase the probability that these students can start or support successful small business operations. Funding is needed to support acquiring faculty. Goal: Endowment of $500,000 for naming or annually funded at $15,000 per year. Impact of over 100 future small business owners per year.

Student Investment Fund – Many finance departments have a student managed investment fund that they run as part of their coursework. The profits from the fund are used to fund various student activities. These funds provide students real life investment management experience as well as serving as a tool for attracting the best finance students. The college has a large and popular finance department with about 150 majors. Goal: $500,000. Impact of over 60 students per year with earning to support scholarships

CPA Prep Course Funding – Many schools are arranging for their students to take a commercial CPA preparation course as part of their program. These concentrated programs have proved to increase the pass rates on the CPA exam. Since a significant metric used to judge the accounting program is the pass rate, we need to offer the same opportunities provided at other schools. The course costs about $1,600/student. Many students take these courses with corporate sponsorship. We would like to fund those without support. Goal: $128,000 per year. Impact of over 80 students per year.

Personal Finance Program – The increasing cost of attending college coupled with a lack of personal financial education has led to student loan debt exceeding $1 trillion, a sum that exceeds all credit card debt combined. This debt will be a drag on our graduates’ lives and on the economy for decades. Much of it could be avoided through increased financial awareness and sophistication. The college has been offering 1,000 students per year education in personal finance. This course always runs at capacity. External funding is needed to expand course availability on campus and to further extend educational opportunities across the region. Goal: Endowment of $400,000 for naming or annually funded at $15,000 per year. Impact of over 1,000 students per year.

Business Etiquette - All students in the third leadership course are required to attend a campus-sponsored etiquette dinner. One way the business community can emphasize its support for leadership development is by attending and financially supporting the dinner. Goal: Endowment of $350,000 or annually funded at $15,000 per year. Impact of over 750 students per year.

Risk Management and Insurance Institute – The insurance program at ECU was established in 2010 with the assistance of a distinguished professorship by the Independent Insurance Agents of NC. Since then the program has grown from one faculty to three and the number of student majors has gone from zero to nearly 50. The demand for students in this industry is exceedingly strong and projected to continue growing. The institute would support regional insurance training, research, and student industry involvement. Goal: Endowment of $500,000 for naming or annually funded at $20,000 per year. Impact of over 750 students per year. 


3. Infrastructure & Technology

Modern Learning Environment – As our leadership program matures and more College of Business classes are taught emphasizing leadership, communications, interaction, and engagement, we find our classroom design needs modernizing. Our rooms were designed in the early 1980s when current technologies were inconceivable. We want to redesign our classrooms to accommodate a more flexible and engaged instructional approach. The rooms will have rapidly reconfigurable furniture and collaborative multimedia technology. Faculty are actively re-designing their courses to take advantage of new and innovative instructional methods. The infrastructure needs to support the curriculum. Funding has been acquired to convert 2 classrooms. We need to update four at $75,000 each. Impact of over 3,500 students per year.

Computer Lab (naming opportunity) – The current computer lab was designed in the mid 1980s and has served the college well for nearly 30 years. It is time that it be reconfigured to reflect current student computing needs. The computer hardware is supplied by student computer fees. External funding is needed for to configure this hardware as students should current apply it. Goal: $125,000. Impact of over 3,500 students per year.


4. The Commerce Club & Annual Fund Giving

Commerce Club – The Commerce Club is the ECU College of Business' alumni organization. Our purpose is to establish and promote programs that strengthen the ties among members, the community, and the University. All alumni and friends who join receive a framed certificate and additional invitations/information. The Commerce Club supports many important programs not supported by state monies. Some of the programs sponsored by the Commerce Club include: Student scholarships, Book scholarships, two teaching excellence awards, Stocknotes and graduate recognition ceremony for the College of Business.

Endowment for Excellence – This pool of opportunity funding is used to advance the goals of the College. This funding falls into the category that is often the most difficult to raise, yet over and over again makes the most difference to the most people. We can never anticipate every contingency or opportunity that may arise. Yet, we need to be prepared.


In these days of increased competition for scarce public funds, universities must increasingly rely on private gifts from alumni and friends. Donations to the College of Business have an immediate impact that better our students, faculty, and programs. We invite you to join us, investing in a brighter future as we lead tomorrow's business leaders. We can't do it without your support.

The College of Business at East Carolina University was founded in 1936 and has been continuously accredited by the AACSB since 1967. Located in Greenville, N.C., the college continues to grow substantially and now has more than 2,900 undergraduate students, 900 graduate students, 130 faculty members, as well as 30 degrees, majors, and concentrations.