Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

In case of emergency, dial 911.

You can trust our Emergency Department in times of crisis. We are ready with immediate care, an outstanding staff and a high-tech trauma center to take care of your emergency condition. We are a team of highly skilled physicians and staff who are able to diagnose and treat patients when precision and time are critical.

We are also a nationally certified Level One Trauma Center.

Our department physicians are board certified in emergency medicine, meaning we have the specialized training needed to respond quickly and accurately. Our Emergency Department has advanced emergency and trauma care areas as well as beds for patients with any level of illness, injury or medical trauma.

We are proud to be associated with EastCare, the pioneering ground and air transport service of Vidant Medical Center. Together, we provide emergency and trauma care to 63,000 people from Pitt County and beyond.

Our Emergency Department has 58 beds and examination areas with a staff of 24 physicians. We are supported by specially trained nurses and staff members ready to respond. You’ll find outstanding care for any medical emergency and we have designated rooms for OB-GYN, ear nose and throat, ophthalmology and neonatal resuscitation.

Our Emergency Department features advanced medical technology with systems in every room for electronic medical records. We have access to Poisindex, Medline, MD consult and other online resources. In addition, we have dedicated ultrasound machines and radiology capabilities, eliminating the need for patients to travel to other areas of the hospital, or to a separate physicians’ office.

For urgent, but non-life-threatening concerns, please visit Vidant Minor ED. This office is staffed by three full-time family medicine board-certified physicians and a full-time physicians' assistant.