1.   Why is ECU conducting a climate survey and what is the scope of Project ECYou?

The ultimate goal is to create an environment where all faculty, staff, students, alumni and visitors feel appreciated, invited and welcomed. 

Thus, we must assess the climate to understand how the university climate is perceived and experienced. The project will be completed through a variety of elements/activities. The project will have four main elements and each element will have a variety of activities. Element one includes information sharing forums, element two includes focus groups, element three includes a campus climate survey and element four includes employee exit interviews and grievance data.

2.   How is Project ECYou connected to the strategic plan of the institution?

Those connections are listed below:

  • Increase opportunity. While seeking the best and brightest students, we will continue to open the doors of higher education to diverse students of many backgrounds. We will expand that model by adding opportunities for many underserved groups.
  • Committed to diversity and inclusiveness. ECU welcomes all people to be part of our living, working, and learning community. We grow in strength as we diversify our students, staff, and faculty.
  • We will radically improve accessibility for key student populations. We will grow transfer enrollment by 5 percent each year. We will be the top university in North Carolina for active military and veterans. We will establish targeted programs supporting seamless transitions to ECU for active military, veterans, and transfers.
  • We will reflect a global workplace and society by diversifying our faculty, staff, and students. We will increase international students, provide U.S. students with more opportunities to study abroad, increase those with competency in a second language, and significantly expand the number of global classrooms to connect diverse cultures to instructional opportunities.
  • We will embrace a diverse and an inclusive university community. We are committed to a diverse workplace by recruiting faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.

3.   Who is being surveyed?

All ECU students, faculty, staff.

4.   What are the key areas the survey focuses on?

The key areas vary from safety to diversity to wellness and work/life balance.

5.   What methodology was used to design and administer the survey?

a. Survey instrument

  • Numerous faculty and staff came together to develop an internal survey for measuring the present campus climate at East Carolina University.
  • A thorough review of best practices among higher education institutions around the country, as well as within the UNC system, was conducted to inform the development of the survey instrument.
  • The survey was piloted among various campus stakeholder groups, which consisted on a total of 115 individuals representing students, faculty, and staff.
  • The survey contained 43 questions, which addressed 7 dimensions of campus climate. The 7 dimensions were: Engagement, Safety, inclusion, Wellness and Work/Life Balance, Working Environment, Communication, and Governance
  • The survey also contained a demographic section to collect information about participants and determine the representativeness of the collected sample.
  • The survey was completely anonymous and participation was voluntary.

b. Sample collection

  • All ECU students, faculty, and staff were presented with the opportunity to complete the survey.
  • The survey was administered and available to complete from October 6, 2015 to November 6, 2015.
  • The survey could be completed online and each participant received an email invitation, which included an individual link to the survey.
  • Eight email reminders were also sent out to participants who had not yet completed the survey at the time the reminder was sent.
  • Participants were informed that they did not have to answer any questions that made them uncomfortable and that they could withdraw from the survey at any time without penalty.

c. Special accommodations

  • In order to increase response rates and encourage participation, campus computer labs were made available to participants.
  • Select computer labs were opened for survey participants during the final two weeks of the survey administration period.
  • Marketing materials advertised the location and availability of computer labs that could be used to complete the survey.
  • The survey also contained information regarding the ADA and informed participants of resources that were available to provide any accommodations that were needed for participation

6.   What about qualitative data?

As a complement to the climate survey, separate focus groups of students, faculty, and staff will be conducted to capture qualitative data.

7.   Once all the results are received, what's next?

The results will be analyzed by the Center for Survey Research and shared with the Chancellor, Executive Cabinet, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and key stakeholder groups. Preliminary priority areas of action will be identified and shared with the campus for feedback.

A project sponsored by the Office for Equity and Diversity

The responses to this survey will be anonymous due to the use of the option available to "Anonymize Responses" through Qualtrics. The use of this option will automatically remove all personally identifiable information such as, but not limited to, names and IP address. To read more about the anonymity function available through Qualtrics, click here.

Individuals in need of accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to participate in the survey should contact the Department for Disability Support Services at (252) 737-1016 or email your request to