Project:ECyou is a campus-wide initiative that supports the goal set by university leadership to ensure the climate at ECU is welcoming and inclusive.

Phase 1 of Project:ECyou was the campus climate survey. The ultimate goal of the climate survey was to evaluate the social climate and university perception of our faculty, staff and students.

We must continue to assess the climate to understand how the university community is perceived in order to know which areas and topics need extra attention. The survey posed questions to participants about various topics such as campus safety, diversity, wellness and work/life balance.

Survey participation was anonymous and assisted with identifying topics, areas of campus and resources that need more attention and education.

A project sponsored by the Office for Equity and Diversity

The responses to this survey will be anonymous due to the use of the option available to "Anonymize Responses" through Qualtrics. The use of this option will automatically remove all personally identifiable information such as, but not limited to, names and IP address. To read more about the anonymity function available through Qualtrics, click here.

Individuals in need of accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to participate in the survey should contact the Department for Disability Support Services at (252) 737-1016 or email your request to