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Panels & Presentations

ArrieThe ECU Poetry Forum sponsored an end-of-semester reading at the Tipsy Teapot on December 5.  Readers included students, faculty, and members of the community.  English major Kari Wicker and graduate students Arrie Brown, Megan Roberts, and Dean Tuck read original poems, some of which they had workshopped at the Forum.  Winkler read "Independence Day."  Brown read three selections from her series of "Ex-Boyfriend" poems: "My Ex-Boyfriend is a Pooper Scooper," "My Ex-Boyfriend is a Slut," and "My Ex-Boyfriend Dreams He is a Philosopher."  Roberts read "Blackberries" and "My Dad's Side."  Tuck read "This Year's Exoskeleton" and "Van Gogh Wednesdays."  Forum director Luke Whisnant read Naton Leslie's "You Have the Right to Marshmallows" from the Fall 2007 issue of Tar River Poetry.  The Forum's associate director Leanne E. Smith coordinated the event.  For more photos see: http://www.ecu.edu/org/poetryforum/photos.html

"Mountain Whippoorwill – Stories & Songs from the Mountains," a documentary film about storyteller Elizabeth Rose, features "old time" music composed and played by Leanne E. Smith and Luke Whisnant "Mountain Whippoorwill" was produced by by Umbra/New Garden Films.

mikehamerMike Hamer and Marty Silverthorne presented a concert/reading of original songs and poems at Emerge Gallery in Greenville on July 20.  Also, Hamer played new original songs at a concert with Tom Gillespie, a Chapel Hill songwriter, at R.A. Fountain on September 8.  Again, on tour, Hamer played original songs and covers with the Rhinoceroses and the Angelic Choir at the Morehead City Seafood Festival on October 6.  Then, on October 12-14, he played two sets of children's songs, some original, with storyteller Louise Kessel at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in Chatham County, NC.  On December 22, at a Christmas Re-union Gala, Mike Hamer and the Rhinoceroses performed with Tommy G and his Band at R.A. Fountain.

James Matthew Wilson presented "'Ireland’s Eliot?'  Late Modernism, Mysticism and the Marketplace in Denis Devlin's The Heavenly Foreigner" at Irish Modernism held at Trinity College, Dublin, October 2007.  Denis Devlin (1908-1959) published The Heavenly Foreigner in 1950.  Also, Wilson presented "From the Critical to the Dogmatic: Eliot's Attraction to neo-Scholasticism" at The T.S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO, September 2007.

Pat Bizzaro conducted a workshop at the Brody School of Medicine on Writing Methods Sections of Research Reports on December 4.   These workshops were attended by MD's and PhD's in both the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing.


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