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NCLR 2006


Linguistics Minor

Linguistics is the scientific study of language, of the common properties shared by all languages, and of the functions of language in human life and society. The minor in linguistics provides students with an opportunity to study the background of linguistic theory, the applications of language and its theory in the learning and teaching of second or foreign languages, and the social and cultural uses of language in society and communication. The courses are designed to help students have a better understanding of how human communication takes place in an ever more globalized society, with greater encounters with different languages. This curriculum complements a wide range of liberal arts majors by promoting students’ critical thinking, cultural awareness and analysis, and communication skills. Additionally, the minor in linguistics will better prepare students to pursue different professional and/or graduate careers in related fields, including but not limited to Speech and Language Pathology, English and Second/Foreign Language instruction, and Psychology.

Students taking this interdisciplinary minor in linguistics, following the guidance of their assigned advisor, will be asked to establish connections between a wide variety of classes, ranging from core courses on theoretical linguistics to classes describing and practicing more applied uses of language in a classroom setting as well as in other social and cultural contexts. Additionally, the students in the minor will benefit from course offerings from different departments and schools, including English, Anthropology, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Communication, and Communication Sciences and Disorders. Other appropriate courses, including special topic courses (when the theme is relevant) may be considered for inclusion as electives upon review by the director.

Linguistics minor requirements (24 s.h.)

Michael Aceto
Co-coordinator, Linguistics Minor
Department of English