Registration Information for ENGL, ETHN, FILM, and LING courses

The following errors or issues may be encountered trying to register for courses with the prefix ENGL, FILM, or ETHN.

Class Restriction

If you receive a Class Restriction, you may not have enough hours to register for that course at this time. You may contact to be added as long as there are seats available and you will have enough hours at the end of the current semester (30 hours for 3000-level courses, 60 hours for 4000-level courses, 90 hours for 5000-level courses). Please include you Banner ID and the CRN for the course needed.

Student Attribute

If you receive a Student Attribute error, it is usually because you are not listed as a Distance Education (DE) student. After the DE hold is lifted about 3 weeks after the start of registration for summer, in late July for fall, and in November for spring, you should be able register for the course. Other reasons for this error include major and/or minor restrictions. Some courses (very few) are only open to English and English education majors. You may contact for questions about student attributes.

Special Adds into Closed Sections

The Department of English has a strict policy of "no special adds". We ask that students trying to register for a certain course add themselves to the waitlist (if available) or please wait until the Drop/Add period of the semester. If no seats have opened up by then, you can e-mail Dr. Tracy Ann Morse (for ENGL 1100, 1200, and 2201) or (for all other ENGL and FILM courses). Include in the e-mail your Banner ID, the course CRN, and an explanation of your situation (need this course to graduate on time, required courses conflict with the course you need, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of English at (252) 328-6041.