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In Print

lydgate1Nicole Sidhu's "Henpecked Husbands, Unruly Wives, and Royal Authority in Lydgate's Mumming at Hertford" appears in The Chaucer Review 42.4 (2008).  Founded in 1966, The Chaucer Review is the journal of Chaucerian research, and is published by Penn State University Press.  According to the Press: " The Chaucer Review publishes studies of language, sources, social and political contexts, aesthetics, and associated meanings of Chaucer's poetry, as well as articles on medieval literature, philosophy, theology, and mythography relevant to study of the poet and his contemporaries, predecessors, and audiences. It acts as a forum for the presentation and discussion of research and concepts about Chaucer and the literature of the Middle Ages."  John Lydgate was an admirer of Chaucer and a Benedictine monk who lived 1370?-1449.  Also, Sidhu's "Weeping for the virtuous wife: laymen, affective piety, and Chaucer's Clerk's Tale" will appear in Medieval Domesticity: Home, Housing and Household edited by M. Kowaleski and P. J. P. Goldberg and published by Cambridge University Press (2008).

Randall Martoccia's poem "Love as a Space Age Polymer" has been published by Garrison Keillor's The Prairie Home Companion April web site.

Leanne E. Smith's article "Tasteful Changes: Chef Shannon Foster Returns to Christinne's" appears in the Spring/Summer issue of Impressions Magazine.

sarahDon Palumbo's "The Monomyth in James Cameron's The Terminator: Sarah as Monomythic Heroine" in The Journal of Popular Culture 41:3 (May 2008).  The Terminator was co-written by Canadian born Cameron with Gale Ann Hurd.  As a director, Cameron's other films include: Titanic (1997), Aliens (1986), and the entire Terminator film series, among others.  His 2009 Sci Fi film is called Avatar.  In the films, Sarah Connor is played by Linda Hamilton who was married to Cameron.

Megan Roberts's  "R" Like Me was published in the Spring 2008 issue of the online Our Stories.  The issue also includes stories by Eric Maroney, Kelli Ford, Douglas Silver, Ross Carper, and Alexis E. Santi, and an interview with TC Boyle.

Using field working techniques as an approach to primary research, service-learning students from Stephanie West-Puckettís English 1200 class partnered with the K-12 students and families of Building Hope Community Life Center, a non-profit organization that serves at-risk youth in Greenville, during the month of April to record, transcribe, and publish a collection of oral histories in words, sounds, images, drawings, and video.  The results of this project are published in Volume I of Tar River Tales and will also be featured soon on the Building Hope website at http://www.bhclc.org.  The project's mission is to promote multi-cultural exchange and appreciation through the collection, celebration and publication of ordinary and not-so-ordinary family and community stories.  The Building Hope participants, university partners, and Building Hope staff considered the project a huge success and are thankful to the Rose High School Printing and Graphics Department for designing and printing the anthologies as well the many local restaurants who donated a dinner meal each week to make these workshops sessions possible.


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