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Panels & Presentations

Catherine Smith, with Ken Wilson, Sociology, and research assistant Michelle Covi, Coastal Resources Management and RENCI, and co-investigator Donna Kain, and research assistant Douglas Solomon, presented findings from their collaborative study on hurricane risk and emergency communication to the North Carolina Emergency Managers Association All Hazards Conference at Sunset Beach, NC on March 17th.  At the invitation of emergency managers, who are a primary audience for the study's results, the presentation included an overview of telephone survey responses by 1079 residents and 603 businesses and other organizations in 20 eastern North Carolina counties to questions about hurricane information access, reception, interpretation, and use.

Anna Froula
presented "'Operation Iraqi Stephen': Mr. USO's Commando Masculinity" at Console-ing Passions Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism at the University of Oregon in Eugene, April 22-24. According to Froula: "This version of the essay-in-progress examined the ways in which Colbert's persona's obsession with his body image satirically calls attention to the myth of the military as a masculinity and man-making institution that needs to police the perceived threat of homosexuality.  Yet his performance still serves as morale-building entertainment for the troops in his June 2009 USO telecast."  According to the conference website: "Founded by a group of feminist media scholars and artists, Console-ing Passions creates collegial spaces for scholarship and other creative work on culture, identity, gender, and sexuality in television and related media. Since the early 1990s, Console-ing Passions conferences have supported new research on a myriad of feminist perspectives related to the study of television, digital, and aural media."
John Hoppenthaler
read from his work as part of the Asheville Wordfest, May 5-8, a poetry festival which featured Natasha Trethewey, Mark Doty, Raul Zurita, Cathy Smith Bowers, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Nickole Brown, and others.  Hoppenthaler will be Poet-In-Residence at the Chautauqua Institution during the last week of June, and he has agreed to serve an additional term as the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet for the Eastern Region of North Carolina.  His brief essay "On Political Poetry" appears in the May issue of Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, as does his May Congeries, featuring poems from the wonderful Irish poet Medbh McGuckian, as well as by Brendan Galvin, Sandy Tseng, Dan Masterson, Stephanie Brown, Heather Hartley, and more. Hoppenthaler also presented "A Wish, A Prayer, A Reading Series" at the Annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in Denver, CO, April 7-10.

Joyce Irene Middleton
organized and chaired a roundtable session at the 2010 Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 17-20, in Louisville, KY, called, "The Persistent Problem of Unstated Privilege: New Ways to Disrupt Whiteness."  Her paper “Reproducing Whiteness: When Are We Going to Stop Talking about Race?" was visited by more than eighty participants.  She also chaired an annual meeting for the CCCC's Committee on Diversity at the annual conference. In addition, Middleton was invited to talk about a chapter from her book project on Toni Morrison, Mark Twain, theories of literary whiteness, and deliberative literature at the University of Maryland at College Park in April. She gave a talk on film at ECU's Office for Faculty Excellence earlier this year, in conjunction with her role as the new Chair of the Ethnic Studies Program at ECU, for which Middleton helped to produce a successful Ethnic Studies Film Series for the 2010 spring semester.

On Friday, 7 May, Lorraine Hale Robinson was a featured presenter for Craven Arts Council and Gallery's Spring Madrigal Concert.  She discussed the relationship of poetry and the diverse body of work that comprises the genre of cantus materialis  (the word madrigal is an adaptation of the Latin term).  As founding director of the a capella ensemble Voci Allegre, she assembled a representative program spanning over five centuries and sang with the group at the First Baptist Church, New Bern (the venue for the performance).


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