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You should not leave EXSS 1000 or 1001 thinking that you have completed a "basketball class" or a "yoga class." Instead, you should think you have taken a course that has given you the tools to become an educated, repeat consumer of physical activity. That sounds simple, but as others can tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds. On this page you will discover a bit about what you can expect in the EXSS 1000 course. 

(If you are interested in a course on Yoga or Basketball, please see our selection of what we call "service" courses in the university catalog. They are 1000-level courses other than EXSS 1000 and 1001.) 

EXSS 1000 and 1001

Which section should I sign up for?

You will need to choose the section of EXSS 1000 or 1001 that you prefer to take. Your preference may be based on the time the section is offered or the instructor of the course. 

Do I have to be able to swim to take the course?

Please note that a demonstration of proficiency in swimming is no longer part of the EXSS 1000/1001 experience.