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Tuition rates are reviewed by the University's Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina System and set annually by the North Carolina legislature. Fees are reviewed and approved by the University's Board of Trustees with final approval pending the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina System review.

Tuition and Fees are billed by the semester for fall and spring terms and by credit hour for summer terms. Twelve or more credit hours are considered full-time for undergraduates and nine or more credit hours are considered full-time for graduates.

Students registered in one or more campus-based class(es) will be billed by the main campus stair-step method for all classes as listed in the Tuition and Fee brochure.  This category will apply to students who take all campus classes or who take a mixture of campus and distance education classes.  These students will also be classified as campus students for purposes of fees.  Students who live in the dorms will be billed as campus students in all cases.

At this time, the University does not impose any additional charges specifically related to verification of student identity. Students enrolled in distance education classes in which proctored exams are required may incur charges levied by the proctoring site they choose. Students may obtain a list of proctors located within their geographic area along with any associated fees on the UNC Online Academic Services website.

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Tuition and Fee Brochures

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