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Fiscal Sustainability Implementation

On June 4, 2014, the Chancellor formally accepted the Final Report of the University Committee of Fiscal Sustainability (UCFS), which contained a background statement, empirical realities and 61 recommendations categorized into: revenue, operational cost, consolidation and reorganization, academic programming, workloads, and other. The categories are not mutually exclusive and some overlap exists.

A coordinating committee, consisting of members of the University Committee on Fiscal Sustainability, will assist the Chancellor with sequencing work groups, serving as a liaison with each work group, and generally will ensure appropriate progress in the review of all report recommendations. For a list of coordinating committee members and contact information click here.

In most cases, the recommendations will be evaluated and/or implemented under the direction of a work group or ad hoc committee, and there may be 8-10 work groups active at any time. Progress of these work groups can be found in the Fiscal Sustainability Scorecard.

Active Work Groups

Name of Work group: Business Practices for Faculty Engagement

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (R4) Examine operational and administrative barriers which impede faculty from engaging in external consulting projects, offering continuing professional education, and related revenue generating activities through the university. Expand the ability of units to utilize funds created by these activities to support faculty, students, and the university. The intent is to liberate a greater entrepreneurial spirit among faculty and units. 

Work group Leader: TBD 
Coordinating Liaison: Rick Niswander
Work group members: TBD

Name of Work group: Consolidate Basic Sciences in BSOM

Recommendations assigned to workgroup:  (CR7) The Brody School of Medicine should study the possible combination or consolidation of departments to decrease the number of basic science departments. 

Work group Leader: Paul Cunningham
Coordinating Liaison:  Phyllis Horns
Work group Members:  Lance Bridges, Joe Chalovich, Maria Clay, Jamie Dewitt, Kelly Harrell, Cheryl Knudson, Isabelle Lemasson, Joe McClung, Dorcas O&#’;Rourke, David Taylor, David Pesci


Name of Work group: Consolidate Departments in CAHS

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (CR8) The College of Allied Health Sciences should study the possible combination or consolidation of departments to decrease the number of departments.  

Work group Leader: Greg Hassler
Coordinating Liaison:  Phyllis Horns
Work group Members:  Robert, Campbell, Kathy Cox, Anne Dickerson, Suzanne Hudson, Walt Jenkins, Kim Larson, Ann McConnell, Steve Sligar, Kim Stokes, Barbara Muller-Borer


Name of Work group:  Purchase To Pay

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (OC9) Examine business processes to increase transition to paperless workflow including:  Online processes for signatures (bills, journal entries, direct payments, etc.), Invoicing and bill payments, Increased Procard usage, and Use of electronic documents across the university including in program reviews, the tenure process including PADs, the graduate and undergraduate admissions process, course transfer and equivalency process, graduate assistant contracts, student records, personnel records, documents distributed at meetings, etc.   

Work group Leader:  Dee Bowling
Coordinating Liaison:  Rick Niswander  
Work group Members: Dee Bowling, Kevin Carraway, Stephanie Coleman, Frances Flowers, Scott Green, Angela Wilson, Doug Stanley, Zach Loch, Kaki McLeod, Hector Molina, Faye Steele


Name of Work group: Reduce HCAS Departments

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (CR6) Examine the structure of the Harriot College of Arts and Sciences in order to assess a reduction in the number of departments 

Work group Leader: Bill Downs
Coordinating Liaison:  Ron Mitchelson
Work group Members:  Megan Perry, Scott Curtis, Chris Oakley, Anthony Kennedy, Mark Sprague, Dave Kimmel, Tuan Tran, Lester Zeager, Marieke Van Willigen, Eduardo Leorri, Calvin Mercer


Completed Work Groups

Name of Work group: Enhance & Grow Research Enterprise

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (R14) Find methods to support increased revenue generation in our research enterprise including increased clinical trials, increased research proposals, and increased corporate funding. Assessment of internal business practices (capacities) and external markets are essential to realize revenue growth potential. 

Work group Leader: Mike Van Scott
Coordinating Liaison:  Angela Lamson
Work group Members: David Collier, Reide Corbett, Norma Epley, Lori Flint, Ben Fraser, Hayden Griffin, Kathie Hall, Heather Wright


Administration and Finance: Kathie Hall, Cindy Putnam Evans, Burrell Montz, Mary Lisa Pories, Barbara Gray, Wendy Smith, Stacey Altman, Kyle Summers, Tarek Abdel-Salam, Regina Dewitt, Anne Jenkins 

Advanced Manufacturing/Industrial Design: Hayden Griffin, Ted Morris, Michael Drought, Wayne Godwin, Kate Lamere, Marti Van Scott 

Arts and Humanities (NEA): Ben Fraser, Chris Buddo, Jeffery Johnson, Laura Mazow, Mary Farwell Biomedical and Life Science funding (e.g. NIH): Heather Wright, Darrel Neufer, Skip Cummings, Patricia Crane, Melani Duffrin, Tony Capehart, Kathy Verbanac 

Clinical Research: David Collier, Bob Lust, Dave Collier, Wiley Nifong, Suzanne Sparrow, Kathy Verbanac 

Education (e.g., DoED, NSF): Lori Flint, Alana Zambone, Merwan Mehta, Jayne Geissler, Essie Torres, Joe Wilck, Steven Schmidt, Borim Song, Mandee Foushee Lancaster, Sarah Carver Williams, Mary Farwell 

Natural, Social, and Physical Sciences (e.g., NSF, NASA): David Griffith, Reide Corbett, Jeff Shinpaugh, Burrell Montz, Tom Allen, Jamie Kruse, Ariane Peralta, Mary Farwell

Veteran Affairs/Military: Norma Epley, Steve Duncan, Paul Torriello, Rondall Rice, Laurel Wentz, Jim Menke

Enhance & Grow Research Enterprise Final Report

Name of Work group: Enrollment Management Task Force

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (OC5) Evaluate the combination of the operational and administrative components of undergraduate and graduate admissions while providing appropriate levels of service;  

(R1) Create and publicize operational plans and processes to clearly assist various student niches (such as transfer students, part‐way home, military veterans, international, etc.) to efficiently and effectively enter the university. This recommendation is consistent with the findings of UNC’s strategic plan, Our Time Our Future. The intent is to reestablish rational enrollment growth at undergraduate and graduate levels. Examination of existing admissions criteria and the establishment of diverse pipelines is anticipated;

(R2) Reduce the operational and administrative barriers to the seamless transition of transfer students, particularly those from community colleges. Re‐evaluate the minimum GPA requirements for certain transfer populations (e.g., military) consistent with maintaining academic quality. Evaluate the transfer equivalency process as well as cognate and foundations course requirements to aid student transition;

(R3) Purposefully increase enrollment (freshmen, transfers, and graduate) consistent with maintaining academic quality and having sufficient fiscal and physical capacity;

(R10) Units should evaluate alternative mechanisms for admission to graduate programs, consistent with maintaining student quality and accreditation standards. Such mechanisms might include automatic graduate admission for ECU students with very high GPAs, use of structured certificates to evaluate ability to handle graduate work, and similar ideas. Units should consider use of alternative indicators of ability to perform graduate work, particularly among non‐traditional student populations.  & (R13) Examine ways to increase visibility and coordination of summer activities on campus to create revenue streams. Utilize our web portal and encourage establishment of additional activities (e.g., lifelong learning).  

Work group Leader:  Stan Eakins
Coordinating Liaison:  Stan Eakins  
Work group Members: Stan Eakins, Patricia Anderson, Kevin Baxter, William Downs, John Fletcher, Jayne Geissler, Paul Gemperline, Shanan Gibson, John Given, Linda Kean, David Meredith, Rondall Rice, Erin Rogers, Chris Stansbury, Bob Thompson, Margaret Turner

Enrollment Management Final Report


Name of Work group: Flexible Terms for Courses

Recommendations assigned to workgroup:  (R9)Units should evaluate whether offering courses with a term length of other‐than 15 weeks will serve certain student groups (e.g., military or full‐time workers) while maintaining appropriate academic standards. 

Work group Leader: Austin Bunch
Coordinating Liaison:  Rick Niswander
Work group Members: Don Chaney, Anthony Britt, Amanda Fleming, Steve Duncan, Elaine Scott, John Given, Amy Frank, Jerri Hvastkovs

Flexible Term for Courses Final Report


Name of Work group: Foundations Curriculum

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (AP4) Evaluate and, where appropriate, revise the Foundations Curriculum for effectiveness and efficiency. Fundamental questions are: what should it do?, is it doing what is intended?, and is it delivered in a cost‐effective manner?  

Work group Leader: Sylvia Brown
Coordinating Liaison:  Ron Mitchelson
Work group Members: Robert Campbell, Becky Whitley, Kate Lamere,  John Stiller, Jeff Popke, Marianne Montgomery, Cynthia Deale, Paul Schwager, Kindal Shores, Evelyn Brown, Kristen Cuthrell, Jayne Geissler, Ying Zhou

Foundations Curriculum Final Report


Name of Work group: International

Recommendations assigned to work group: (CR4) Evaluate reorganization of offices and initiatives related to international matters (students, study, and faculty) to increase efficiency (coordination and collaboration), enrollment, and student participation

Work group Leader: Austin Bunch and Ravi Paul
Coordinating Liaison: Ron Mitchelson
Work group Members: Bob O'Halloran, Leslie Pagliari, Bill Downs, Jamie Perry, Lda Cope, Holly Matthews, Kim Larson, Harry Adams

International Final Report

Name of Work group: Marketing and Communications

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (O4) Target our advertising dollars in a coordinated manner across the university. This should involve improved coordination and collaboration of marketing activities campus wide 

Work group Leader:  Mary Schulken 
Coordinating Liaison:  Chris Locklear  
Work group Members:  Mary Schulken, Chris Locklear, Ron Mitchelson, & Steve Duncan

Marketing and Communications Final Report  


Name of Work group: Millennial Campus

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (R5) Evaluate the establishment of one or more Millennial campuses to encourage public‐private partnerships and revenue retention. The Millennial designation is authorized by the NC Legislature and bestowed by the UNC Board of Governors. The designation permits the receipt and retention of rents and permits state employees to partner with private sector entities, including spin‐ out companies. Business incubation, commercialization of new products and processes, and job creation are expected outcomes from these types of environments.

Millennial Campus Designation Proposal

Work group Leader: Rick Niswander
Coordinating Liaison: Rick Niswander
Work group Members: Ron Mitchelson, Mike Van Scott, Bill Bagnell, Ted Morris, Scott Buck


Name of Work group: Organizational Review - Office of Public Service and Community Relations

Recommendations assigned to workgroup:  (CR2) Consider movement of the Office of Public Service and Community Relations from the Chancellor’s Division to the Office of Innovation and Economic Development. 

Work group Leader: Sharon Paynter and Kenny Flowers
Coordinating Liaison:  Ron Mitchelson
Work group Members:  Christine Avenarius, Mike Harris, Sharon Rogers, Paul Toriello

Organizational Review - Office of Public Service and Community Relations Final Report

Name of Work group: Reduce Number of Colleges

Recommendations assigned to work group:  (CR5) Evaluate consolidation or combination of colleges to reduce the number by at least one. 

Work group Leader: Mike McCammon 
Coordinating Liaison: Ron Mitchelson
Work group members: Paige Averett, Sharon Ballard, Vickie Best, Runying Chen, Nelson Cooper, Zac Domire, Bob Hickner, Ian Hines, Linda Ingalls, Mark Jones, Sharon Knight, Susan McGhee, Mary Louise Pories, David Rivera, Michelle Wallen, Ginger Woodard

Reduce Number of Colleges Final Report