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Hispanic Studies
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B.A. The University of Virginia, Anthropology & Spanish, Echols Scholar
M.A. The University of Arizona, Hispanic Literature
Ph.D. The University of Arizona, Hispanic Literature


  • Contemporary Spanish Peninsular & Latin American Film, Literature & Cultural Studies
  • Urban Studies, Cultural Geography and Spatial Theory
  • Disability Studies (Intellectual Disabilities, Down syndrome, autism)
  • Deaf Studies/Deaf Culture
  • Visual/Media Culture (Film, TV, Photography, Painting, Videogames, Comics, Music)
  • Continental Philosophy (Bergson, Lefebvre, Deleuze)
  • Tourism, Travel and Transportation Studies


  • Executive Editor, Journal of Urban Cultural Studies
  • Senior Editor, Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies
  • Associate Editor, Hispania
  • Co-Editor, Hispanic Urban Studies [book series]



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Guest Editions:

  • Fraser, B., ed. "Reading Madrid: Perspectives from Urban Cultural Studies." Guest-edited special issue of the International Journal of Iberian Studies 26.1-2 (2013): 3-102.
  • Foster, D., VanPatten, B., and Fraser, B., co-eds. "Special Focus Issue: The Scholarship of Film and Film Studies." Hispania (2015): in development. Submissions currently undergoing peer review.




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