Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honors Society, was founded in 1922 to recognize outstanding ability and attainments in the study of foreign languages, and to foster the learning of foreign languages and the spirit of liberal culture. The crest at left reads, Philotês, Spoudê, Idiôma, "Friendship, Scholarship, Language" and its motto is "To understand others is to understand oneself, one's culture, and one's heritage." Phi Sigma Iota awards scholarships, fellowships, and grants to students and faculty to complete scholarly programs in foreign languages, literatures, and cultures.

Induction into ECU's Sigma Upsilon Chapter, established in 1969, represents our highest academic honor in the field of foreign languages. Students must be juniors or seniors majoring or minoring in a foreign language discipline, possess a minimum 3.0 GPA in foreign language courses and 3.0 overall.

Membership: Initiation into the Sigma Upsilon chapter is $45. The fee includes a three-year membership in the international honor society as well as six issues of the society's journal, The Forum. Additional benefits of membership and details are available on the Phi Sigma Iota Homepage. New members are inducted in the fall and in the spring and are recognized at the departmental awards ceremony. For more information, contact Dr. Frédéric Fladenmuller (

Delta Phi Alpha

Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honor Society, seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship. The Society aims to promote the study of the German language, literature and civilization and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and which contribute to man's eternal search for peace and truth. The society offers grants and scholarships to students interested in pursuing graduate work in German.

Induction into ECU's Eta Mu Chapter, established in 2005, represents our highest academic honor in the field of German Studies. Students must be juniors or seniors majoring or minoring in German, possess a minimum 3.25 GPA in German and 2.75 overall. Members should be interested in the continuing study of German language and literature (not necessarily graduate school).

A lifetime membership fee of $25 must accompany each application for initiation into the Society. Each new member receives an embossed membership certificate and a copy of the Delta Phi Alpha Bulletin. Additional information is available on the Delta Phi Alpha Homepage. New members are inducted in the spring at the departmental awards ceremony. For more information, contact Dr. Birgit Jensen (


James Fleming, who served as department chair from 1945-70, made the initial gift that endowed the scholarship.  Marguerite Perry, who was department chair from 1975-81, contributed an additional gift in 1990.

Students majoring in either French, German, or Spanish are eligible. They must be nominated by the appropriate Curriculum Committee. The amount and number of the scholarships vary from year to year.

In order to be considered for the award, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and in foreign language courses;
  2. Committed participation in departmental affairs;
  3. Commitment to co-curricular activities;
  4. Interest in international and multicultural diversity.


The ECU German Studies Priority Fund recognizes students' academic achievements and outstanding commitment to the study of the German language and culture at ECU. The Fund is intended to provide supplementary financial support for eligible majors and minors in the ECU German program who wish to advance their studies or research in German. The number and amount of awards may vary depending on the performance of the account and the quality and quantity of applications received.

The ECU German Studies Fund Committee, made up of German faculty and at least one reviewer not housed in the German program, will review applications for the award. Each applicant will receive notification in writing regarding the status of his/her application as soon as possible after the review. Eligibility. To be considered for an award, you must:

  • Be a full-time student seeking a BA concentration in German or German Education, or a German minor at ECU
  • Have completed a German course at ECU at or beyond the level of German 1004 by the time the award will be used
  • Have a strong academic record with a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Demonstrate active involvement in German outreach programs
  • Submit a complete application by the deadline. Your electronic submission serves as your signature.

Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received the ECU German Studies Fund Award and who are pursuing a BA or BS in German. A complete application includes:

  • A completed cover sheet (see next page for template). This cover sheet provides information such as your name, major(s)/minor(s), GPA, expected year of graduation, and courses taken in the ECU German program, as well as contact information (telephone number, home or work address, and email address) of two references (employers, professors outside of the ECU German program, clergy, etc.). References cannot be family members.
  • A Statement of Purpose (in English) that describes your interest in the German language and culture, as well as a strong commitment to the future application of this knowledge. In 500 words or fewer, answer the following questions:
    1. Why did you choose to study German?
    2. How has your involvement and/or study in the ECU German program influenced your intellectual development thus far?
    3. How will your German studies contribute to your professional goals?
    4. How will you use the funds you receive from this award?
  • An up-to-date résumé.


Each year certificates of merit are presented to students in the lower-level language classes. In order to be considered for the award, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Scholastic achievement in a 1004 level class of the current year, i.e., a grade of "A", indicative of exceptional functional proficiency in the language and high standards of achievement;
  2. Demonstrated interest in cultural diversity through participation in relevant departmental or university activities.


The Foreign Language Association of North Carolina sponsors a scholarship to honor a prospective foreign language educator. The applicant will receive $1,000 toward tuition, and free registration to the FLANC Annual Conference. The award was renamed in 1995 upon the occasion of the retirement of Manolita Buck to honor her long service in teacher education at ECU.

In order to be considered for the award, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Entering final year of study;
  2. GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  3. Expressed commitment to teach a Foreign Language in North Carolina;
  4. Enrolled in a North Carolina institution of higher learning.

This scholarship is not awarded by our department. Interested applicants should review the FLANC Awards information and contact our Coordinator of BS Teacher Education Programs, Laura Levi Altstaedter, for application information.


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